Hey guys! Sorry for not updating this blog. Recently I was into work, and that we've been quite busy here in the house so I am realy reaylly sorry for that. By the way, tahnks for the birthday greetings! And so, here are some updates to share!

1. I've been surfing ebay and recently I have purchased another Ultraman action figure and a customized dog tag for me and for Armie. I will post some pics soon!
2. I've been working a lot, and I haven't visited my Facebook account. The result is not good.
3.Typhoon Ondoy caused a lot of damages and lives especially here in Manila. I have noticed that citizens were traumatized by that tragedy- panic buying, text scare, etc.

Anywa, hope all is well for you guys! Here's a mugshot from a famous Hollywood guy you know.

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