Year- End Special: My Top Movies of 2009.

Happy New Year, guys! I am so excited to welcome Mr. 2010 with a big smile on my face. But before I say goodbye to 2009, I want to share with you my top ten movies for this year. 2009 for me is the best year for great movies, there are A LOT of them. But I'll just share with you my personal favorites.

So, let's start from number 10.

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10. My Sister's Keeper- Anna was conceived to provide her dying sister Kate blood, or even internal parts to keep her alive. It was a weird story for me, but it could also happen in real life. I thought the Fanning sisters Dakota and Elle would be good for this film, but since they declined the role... Anyway, Abegail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva were great actors.

9. Year One- Yay, I really like Jack Black! He is one of my favorite comedian together with Steve Carell, Amy Poehler and Will Ferrel. In Year One, he teamed up with Juno and Superbad star Micharl Cera and brought this very funny movie!

8. Up- This is probably one of the best films of 2009. Actually, Up and Ratatouille are my best Pixar films as of date. Very warming story, great adventure.

7. Push- Yeah, it was just another people-with-special-powers movie, but Dakota Fanning and Camilla Belle were so lovely!

6. Twilight Saga: New Moon- The sequel to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight was again a certified international big hit. I actually watched the movie alone, and because the theater was in Dolby Surround sound, the movie sound effects was stunning. Especially on the scene where the wolves are chasing Laurent, the theater seats actually shook! And of course, Alice Cullen and DAKOTA FANNING were lovely! I just love Dakota!

5. Angels and Demons- I hope there would be a sequel. I agree that Angels and Demons is an Intelligent Action film. Director Ron Howard made the movie more exciting since The Da Vinci Code.
4. Knowing and 2012- Don't really kow why I love watching end-of-the-world movies, but these two films are in for my best 2009 list. Love it. Triple A rating.

3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- For me, this 6th book by JK Rowling generally focused on teen romance between the main characters. But the feeling of excitement that I felt with the previous Harry Potter films was even more intense as the the HP saga comes to an end. My second best fantasy film for rhos year.

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- Though it received negative reviews from critics, Optimus Prime and the gang was on my number 2 spot. My number 1 action flick for this year.

1. Avatar- OMG, the BEST FILM OF THE DECADE! After Titanic, Director James Cameron again is the man after making this fantasy movie about invasion of another planet just for this valuable mineral. I want to thank Mr. Cameron for making this film! The Na'vi and the planet Pandora is so real! One great anti- imperialist movie! I watched it on IMAX and it was awesome. And to all those who haven't watched it: Please catch this movie before this year ends! Whether you watch it on 3D or in regular theaters, it was worth it because the story is so good. But still, it would be better if it's on 3D. :-)

Have a wonderful year to all of you! Hope you too could share your best 2009 movies with me!

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