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Year Ender 2010

2010 Crush of the Month
In a few hours I'll be off my way to the province, so let me greet you guys a prosperous new year ahead and enjoy the event! See you next year!

Sunday Classics- Breakng up is Hard to Do

Released in 1962, this is Neil Sedaka's signature song. Relive the yesteryears and enjoy.

Financial Freedom Starts Here.

It's December and we just received our 13th month pay! My wallet's a bit fat this holiday. But Jane, one of my officemates was shocked to see that she almost got no money left. She wondered why when all she bought were gifts from her friends and family and yet her she only had a couple of thousand bills left on her wallet. Well Jane admitted that she really has no control of her finances. Actually, almost all of my officemates are, especially the singles including me. That's we seriously need to control our spending ways. So how about using a budget worksheet?
Budget worksheets are useful when you want to track every money that you spend and monitor how fast your cash rolls in and out of your wallet or bank. When you're a spender like me or Jane, a good detailed budget worksheet will help you control your financial expenses. With the help of the internet, there are now sites that help consumers keeping track of their money by offering online budget sheets. For household…

Sunday Classics- The Platters!

For those who didn't know, I am a fan of oldies music (if you could only see my iPod songs), and The Platters are my ultimate favorite! My mom and dad's influence- yeah, they used to play old songs for us before we go to sleep as our lullaby so at an early age, I learned to like oldies but goodies songs. Anyway here's my favorite with one of the few rare performances they had.

Have a Go Hyun Jung Christmas!

Thanks to Misterhubs for this wonderful idea, now I get to make one myself. Go Hyun Jung fans of the world, let us sing this together! One! Two! Three!

Oh.... You..

That Look.

Sets me on fire.

Leisha Hailey- Actress, Musician
This is what I love most about women. Whenever they we look, one could always see what we feel. So I don't see why men- and of course, women fell in love with it, whether it could be a cold eye to eye stare or a hot, passionate (and yummy) gaze. Leisha Hailey to me is the hottest lesbian celebrity ever. Look at one of her photo above, I drooled over that one! Anyway, to celebrate that look that made me and other guys and girls' hearts melt, feast and fall in love.

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Good to see you again, Mister.
Sad to say, I won't be able to go home to the province to be with my family for the holidays. Looks like I'll be having my celebration either at home or at work. This is gonna be so new to me. Anyway, I am working on a Go Hyun Jung-inspired Christmas jingle not because I want to make the other fans happy, but because I really want to do it for my personal satisfaction (what?). I've been thinking about this Christmas thingy for several months now and now is the time to start it. Hmmm... wondering what's the best song that fits GHJ. Do you guys have any idea?

Christmas is near. Send those boxes NOW!

This video/blog post is dedicated to all hard working Filipinos living and working abroad. They work their butts out to fill those Balikbayan boxes to send to their family and relatives back here in the Pinas! We salute our FIlipino OFWs!
Thanks to Christine Gambito a.k.a. HappySlip for this funny but heartwarming video!

Happy? In Love?!

I don't know, but there's definitely someone important to me right now. And I am so happy...

Remeber Me? |Sunday Classics- It's My Party

Hooray for Lesley Gore, my favorite female 60's pop artist! This song dominated Billboard and stayed 11 weeks on Top 40 and her most popular song ever! She returned to the music scene last 2005 along with the confirmation that she is gay. Kudos to Ms. Lesley! Enjoy video, enjoy the song.


One of my closest friend since high school just broke up with her long time girlfriend. A couple of days ago she paid a visit at our house and had a chat. There she told me that their relationship ended in a very bad way. Oh, heat break. You are so cruel. First it was me, now my friend.

Remeber Me? |Sunday Classics- I'm Still Loving You

One of my favorite old school song of the 90's! But did you know that this song was originally an Indonesian folk song? Then a Chinese singer Teresa Teng made a Chinese version of it which became a big hit across Asia. Since then the song was translated into different languages. Now I will share you the English version of it by Juliana Jean. Enjoy!

Gotta Work Hard.

I am happy to know that for the second time, I am again included in the top performers list in our company. Yay! Of course I am happy. It makes me want to work more to maintain in the top performers list every month. Well that must be hard but I will try my best! I even have no time to write on my blog. I have so many tasks pending in my mail (and they're equal to cash) and yet I have no time to make an article for them. It's hard to write when you're busy with something else you know! And if you noticed, it's been weeks now since I last posted for Black and White Week. Oh man. I must focus on blogging again. Also, I wasn't able to tell you how I bought my PSP.

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But the biggest and the primary reason why I can't write now is I am busy with Omma GHJ haha! Busy with the forum and watching Daemul (which I will post my thought about it soon). I was under her spell for months now haha! And I am planning to have a Go Hyun Jung-inspired Chri…

Daemul Tops TV Ratings

Finally! I get to watch Daemul's first episode and all I can say is that Go Hyun Jung rocks! Wow! And it proved to be a success when it topped Seoul and nationwide TV ratings!

Beating out Fugitive Plan B which only landed 3rd, fans are excited for the 3rd episode and know more about Seo Hye Rim's road to becoming the first female Korean President. Congratulations, Daemul!

Cosplay Mania X.

I wasn't able to take good photos at the event. But of course, I have to share some of the pics I captured.

Of course, I went home with some goodies in my hands, which included a K-On! inspired cellphone strap, Monster Hunter keychain and a hat/bonnet, whatever you call it, it's a cute head gear! The event was a success! More cosplay next year!

This Homophobic Guy

is one pathetic a-hole. He's an Assistant Attorney General attacking a gay student president. He made a blog devoted to wage an online war against him. This guy said it's a political issue and nothing personal even though he stalks the student in his house and even attacking his parents. Watch the video below.

Gay Shoes!

So I bought a pair of Converse sneakers for my birthday.

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And they were gay!

I really love it!

Note: This Chuck Taylor Low Top rainbow sneakers is just one of the many cool sneakers available only from Converse! To see more, visit

Things Unique and Cool.

Yep, I do. From clothing to gadgets, everything with unique and cool style catches my eye and makes me want to own one. Now that I have a job, I began buying some cool gadgets and with the help of the internet, it's easier for people to shop online without moving from their seat.

Yesterday, I scanned the internet for some funny t-shirts online, and I was so amazed to see so many designs to choose from. From funny pictures to funny statements, my eyes feasted on these shirts and started to look for some. I found 2 shirts with unique designs and without any hesitation, I hit the check out button and paid for it immediately. I am also into posters and there are websites that sell them. There are even sites that sells vintage, celebrity, and inspirational posters. I also thought of buying one in the near future so that I could post it on my room. Just today, I remember it was my grandfather's birthday and I thought of giving a uniquely-designed mug for him as a gift…

Hunters Unite!

With my own PSP, I can now join my office mates to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This has been my addiction since the day I bought my game console. Though I am still in a low level rank, I am really enjoying every moment of playing this game. Actually, this is not an easy game but thanks to MHFU's hunting parties, I have 4 of my office mates to help me hunt the monster I am assigned to. I am the only female (and a lesbian) player in our office and the 3 others are male. But of course, I've created a male character which I will show you in my future posts. But for now, here's a review from Jason of Electric Playground which I think is one of the best reviews for this game. The rest of it after the jump.

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Pros • Huge cool monsters
• You can install game to reduce load times
• Tons and ton and tons of content
• You can import your character from Monster Hu…

Black and White Week- September 15, 2010

A beautiful depiction that dogs are really man's best friend. It really touches my heart and to tell you the truth, I miss our dogs back in the province.

Thank you to owenbaker07 for this lovely photo.

Next Sunday.

So I was supposed to watch RE4 today but the first showing at a local theater is at 2:05 PM so I decided not to watch and return next Sunday. And what did I do today? Well, I went to the post office to pick up my new purchase. Thanks to Yoshihito Yoshikawa from Ogaki Kifu, Japan for the shipment. I am excited to open it.

Reminds me of Armie.

I couldn't help but smile while watching this video. DeAnne Smith's a real genius for creating this one. And of course, those 2 lezzy bears (that looks like they're from Pet Society) were cute. Great video clip even though it hurts, especially in the part when they're listing what will happen to their relationship.

I also couldn't help but feel bad and lonely (and I cried). I remember Armie and what happened to our relationship. She just broke up with me a few weeks ago and it feels really bad. I guess this is how it feels when you had your first break up. This is the reason why I haven't been able to update my blog and miss 2 Black and White week editions. Up to now, I am still sad. Though I try to focus on my work and other things, when I'm alone, I remember Armie. I just hope that we could talk about it over and fix things up. If not, I guess I would have to accept things and have a proper closure. Anyway, enjoy the video. For more info on DeAnne Smith, v…

Black and White Week- September 8, 2010

This is why I really love black and white photos. It is both emotional and beautiful. I find this photo stunning, and it reminds me how simple life is. Classic.

Thanks to anhanh_2008 for this lovely piece.

BW Week Again.

Sorry for skipping 2 Black and White Week editions. Something happened unexpectedly, but I will make it up to you guys. Promise.

Looking for a gift

Since my birthday is just weeks away, I am looking for a gift for myself. Not an expensive one, just to make me smile. I am specifically looking for a game console, either DS or PSP so if you know someone or you have something to sell, feel free to contact me okay?

Little League Update: It's Japan vs. Hawaii for the Championship

The game will be aired live on ESPN and ABC on August 29 3:00 PM EST (August 30 3:00 AM here) at the Lamade Stadium, the home of Little League in Williamsport, PA. I'm happy when I learned that Japan made it to the finals. I always cheer for the Asian teams competing for Little League. Though I also cheer for Hawaii because some of the players were Filipino-Americans and they're really good.

Good luck to all the players and to those kids watching!

PC Repair to the Rescue!

I have a friend in the Miramar area who just started her job as a writer and freelance website designer. She's been into this for a couple of months now and she keeps me updated on her latest projects and designs. But recently during these past few weeks, she didn't send me any updates on what's happening with her projects. I got a little worried until finally she called me and told me that her computer crashed due to a virus and needs to be repaired. She was very happy that her computer was fixed and that all her data was restored, thanks to some local Miramar computer repair centers.

She found this shop in their area where they offered a total repair for your PCs and laptops, virus removal, and data recovery services for your PC and even flash drive data recovery, which s really cool. They also offer IT consulting, web design and data back up. Plus it's affordable, so you don't have to go under those loans or loan modification or sell your house don…

Tweaking, Crush, Lost DVD, and Daemul.

I'm doing some tweaks in my blog. As you can see, I added some new ones on the sidebar. And oh, a new crush! Clementine Ford is definitely on my list. Linda Perry must be so lucky to hug ans kiss her everyday. Speaking of ladies, I still haven't found my L Word Season 1 DVD. Darn it! I have my seasons 2-6 with me except for that first season which is the most important. I am still figuring out where did I put my beloved DVD

I'm also happy to know that Go Hyun Jung, my July crush and Cholo Kwon Sang woo already started shooting Daemul. I am happy to know and after all the problems of the production, they still made it and of course, they still got the original actors for the lead role. I'm excited to see more of GHJ!

Black and White Week The L Word Edition- August 18, 2010

That's not a guy. If you remember the 2000 McG movie Charlie's Angels where Natalie (Cameron Diaz) had a girl fight with Vivian Wood, well that's Vivian Wood. I mean actress Kelly Lynch. Lynch played the role of butch Ivan in the showtime drama The L Word. Of course this photo showing her "in her Ivan outfit" outside the trailer was taken by Jennifer Beals and can be printed or purchased on the L Word Book.

Bit Busy

I will not be able to have my Black and White Week today. I've been busy but don't worry, by next week, everything will be back to normal again. I just have to finish some work-related stuff this week so I will skip posting. Be back soon. :-)

Milla J. is Pro Gay!

This is a follow up on the Prop 8 overturn post I did hours ago. I decided to Milla Jovovich's thoughts on the the ruling. The following are her tweets from her official Twitter account.

Oh Milla. I so love you. I love you even more now. I think you're going up on my Top 3 list. :-)

California's Prop 8 Overturned. Wow.

The verdict has been made. Another victory for the LGBT community. Congratulations for the win! I hope this will send message to other US states, and other countries.

Read the full Prop 8 ruling HERE.

Black and White Week The L Word Edition- August 4, 2010

Actress Erin Daniels (Dana Fairbanks) in one of her "goofing around" moments caught on photo by Jennifer Beals. Daniels, know for her comical facial expressions and sarcastic sense of humor unveiled her "hidden talent" (as you can see :-D). Of course, more of this on The L Word Book in which you can see Jennifer's other photos.

Very Well Said, Milla J.!

I love Milla Jovovich's answer regarding her spiritual life. Several minutes ago, she just tweeted about it:

Cast Your Votes Now!

Hey you! Maybe your favorite Asian actor pr actress is nominated for this year's Seoul International Drama Awards. Stars from 5 countries are up for nomination so if I were you, I would cast now my votes because voting is until August 26, 2010. The instructions are easy to follow, so what are you waiting for? Go now and vote HERE.

You want to know who's my bet to win? Check it out below:

Black and White Week The L Word Edition- July 28, 2010

This is probably my favorite Jennifer Beals photo. Taken at Laurel's trailer, you can see Jen's reflection on the mirror while Laurel smiles in front of the camera. More of these photos on the L Word Book. is now officially closed. Sad but thanks for the years of sharing Jennifer's love and passion to the world wide web. We will be forever grateful to you.

Another Work

I am ready to help some friends on a fansite. I am currently studying the languages used and trying to refresh my find for this. I am also happy to work on a new shift tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. That's all for now. Ciao!

Good to be back.

Here I am at an internet cafe typing this update to you. After the storm last Tuesdaym our internet connected has not yet been fixed, and I have to wait until Monday to get it repaired. Oh fuck. I hate it. I can't avoid my "techno hunger" so I went to this shop and update everything I needed to update. I hope our connection gets fixed soon.

You are so sweet, Ultraman.

That's why I love you. You are the only guy in my that I love. Well... technically, there's my dad which I love the most, but you're the second. You are my guy since I was a kid. And I didn't know you have your own kid too. I just learned about it when I watched this:

Mighty JB for DIVA Mag! Woot!

Jennifer Beals, the favorite "Alpha Female" is the cover girl for DIVA Magazine August issue. I wish I could buy a copy of this because what's more exciting is the interview with her by another favorite, Helena Peabody Rachel Shelley!

I read the preview of the interview and I can't wait to read the rest of it. Unfortunately, DIVA Mag is not available here in Manila, so if someone out there, a kind-hearted gay, lesbian, or straight peeps who could post the whole interview soon!

Black and White Week The L Word Edition- July 7, 2010

Actress Laurel Holloman with her baby on the set of L-Word. Her character, Tina Kennard was also pregnant in the story which is a good thing for Laurel. This photo was taken by Jennifer Beals during her L-Word days. Ah, the joy of motherhood.

Go Hyun Jung: I want to live as a man in my next life

Kind of lezzie? I don't know. Maybe? ^_^
In latest interview in a Korean tv show, Seju Mishil actress Go Hyun Jung in one of the rarest events discussed her inner thoughts and revealed what she wants to be if she was born again. Her revelation:

- She told that if she was born again, she would never become an actress. She would rather live a normal life.
-And she added that it is also hard living as a woman and she wants to live as a man if she was born again.

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I kinda question and wonder why she wants to be a man. Does this mean she's not happy being a woman and regret it? But when I read something about her personal life, I kinda understand her. That's her opinion.

Go Hyun Jung's turbulent marriage is well-known in Korea. 15 years ago, she fell in love and married Jeong Yong-jin, from a family of business tycoons (chaebol). Mr. Jeong is the Co-CEO of Korea's biggest retail store Shinsegae, and is the grandson of Lee Byung Chul, founder …

Hello Sunday...

...and hello, Eclipse! I'm watching.

Let me try this 999-Peso cellphone.

I just bought myself a cellphone. No, a calculator. No, it's a calculator-looking cellphone. I bought one for my other number. It was cute, it really looks like a calculator. And it comes in different shades of colors. But the bestest best part is, it's cheap. Totally.

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Truth is, texters love this Cherry Mobile P1 phone. When you're not that complicated type that wants his phone to be as high tech as possible, this phone is for you. It supports both text and call. It has basic keys which is very user friendly. Plus the fact that it is cheap, you don't have to worry about it in case some snatchers grab it from you (hehe). It can be also your gift to your friends, and you can buy as many as you want as a gift for your pamangkins too.

It also comes in different colors- Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Black, and bought an Orange for me because Orange is cute. It's my favorite color!

Black and White Week The L Word Edition- June 30, 2010

Another cute photo from The L Word Book by Jennifer Beals. This is Henry, the cute Boston Terrier, and Erin Daniels' dog. Erin who plays Dana Fairbanks brings Henry along at the set. Well, Henry must be an adorable dog that Jennifer took a picture of him outside Erin's trailer. In the photo he(Henry) looks like he was hesitant to look at the camera. He is so cute! I love Henry.

Cameron Clone!

Facebook is the ultimate time portal. So many users here are from the future, and they come in two's! Here is another cyborg-to-cyborg talk from Cameron Philips and another Cameron Philips.

Something New.

I've been lurking on this blog for a little while now, reading, watching, laughing at the articles. It was on another blogging platform in which I had an account. I find it interesting, though it took me a little while to figure out how to change the theme. But it's good now, and it's running live. I kinda like it and I am thinking of running this blog for the next few months. Wanna see it? Jump in here. Enjoy.

I Saw my Favorites at ToyCon 2010.

It was my first time to attend the Philippine Toy Convention last June 20 at SM Megamall. And I was lucky enough to see some my favorite characters. It was fun!

First, T800 terminator attended the event. I wonder if that's Arnold's endo...

Kick Ass and Hit Girl paid a visit too! Though Hit Girl looks like she's pissed off, she's still cute.

And Milla! I mean Alice! Wow!

Although I didn't see any Sarah Connor or Lara Croft, or I was disappointed when I learned that Ultraman Zero visited the event on the opening day! Aw... :-(

Black and White Week The L Word Edition- June 23, 2010

Our first photo from Jennifer Beals' The L Word Book is two of the most interesting characters of the show, Shane (Kate Moennig) and Alice (Leisha Hailey). This photo was shot by Jen during the "Billboard scene".


Yesterday, I bought a notebook. It's been years since I had my last notebook and now I feel like doing it again. I miss writing- not in MS Word (that's typing), what I mean is writing using pen and paper. That's why I bought a notebook.

I can't wait to write on my notebook. I have so many ideas in mind that I do not know what or where to start. I don't know what to write first. A story? Or just rants of my everyday experiences? I have to stay calm and focus and try to organize myself.

By the way, I am planning to start my L Word edition starting this month. Stay tuned for it.

Black and White Week- June 16, 2010

Actually, this is not a New Year photo. This was actually taken at a wedding and this is a part of the reception. Lovely isn't it? This is one of the reason why I love looking at black and white photos. If you think of it, the shots are simple but it tells a story.

Pride Month!

In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, I'll be wearing this shirt today at the office:

What do you think? I bought this at the mall. It really got my attention plus the design has some kind of a meaning to me. The zebra jumping through the rainbow, symbolizes a gay person coming out from the closet. Very beautiful.

So celebrate Pride Month! Baguio Pride will be on June 27, so I encourage you to come out and join the celebration!