January 13, 2010

Trade Show Organizing 101: Boost Your Booth!

This is the second part of my trade show organizing series. If you still remember on my first article, I mentioned to you some of the basics when organizing an even like of course, trade show. But for this article is dedicated for the exhibitors. For example, you want to participate in a local bazaar, but on the first day, you feel like no one's coming to your booth because there's no decoration or anything. In short, your booth lacks color. So to boost up your booth, you will gonna need these things- trade show flooring, mats and tents.

You want your booth to be as attractive or even more attractive than the others, then why not make your booth different? Try to use a different flooring or trade show carpet for a different look. This may attract the attention of some potential customers to your area. Another thing is, have your product logo all over your booth. Literally? Yes! What I mean is, have your product or company logo printed on your tent. There are several companies who makes logo canopy at a reasonable price. And finally, to greet your buyers in your booth, have a custom logo mats placed on your booth entrance. I say customized because it could be your product or company logo, or product picture that you can put. Choose from either indoor or outdoor mats, there a re a lot of types to choose from.

Trade show exhibitors, worry no more! Because some of these services were available in your local area. Try to visit your local stores for some of these. You might be even have a discount if you order!