Need Translation?

I have this book I really would love to read. It's from our old house, an old Spanish book from in one of my grandmother's collections. It is a compilation of Spanish short stories mostly about love and life, but I cannot read it because it is written in Spanish. So there goes the book, stored in the shelf waiting for the time when I could read and understand it. I wish someone could translate this book for me.

I began asking for some friends who might understand the language, but the results were not god. Then I started searching the web and found this site where it specializes in these kind of jobs. I was relived I felt like I am a thirsty man who just found a pond and felt it was heaven. I immediately registered and posted this task of book translation. Here in this site, you a post a job, a translation job either any article, a sentence, or even a book and these expert translators will do the job for you. You can even earn cash here through referral.

So there goes my book, it's on the way now. The translator I hired just updated me she just finished translating half of the book. Oh, I was so happy and so excited, I can't wait for it!

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