Have your Own 5-digit number with Cellit

Following my friend's success in his toy shop business, he is planning to thank his loyal customers by offering a promo where the customers could win limited edition toys and action figures. But he is trying to figure out what would be the mechanic and how to make the promo successful. So one day he sent me an email asking for some good ideas.

Since he's based in the US and his shop is at the heart of the city where he lives, I suggested him to use a new but effective type- mobile marketing. This is where you promote, sell your products to the public through their mobile phone and in return, they will respond and join your promos by simply typing some key words and sending it to short codes.

Familiar with those 5-digit numbers we see like the ones in American Idol where we send our votes to? That's what we call short codes. They are usually used because they can be easily remembered than the usual phone numbers. And this is the latest and popular type of reaching out and interacting to customers today. Instead of calling to cast their vote or join a contest, one can ealiy do this anytime, anywhere. Even some radio stations are already using this type of marketing to launch promos and contests for their avid listeners.

Well, he was very interested about my idea, he thinks that it is indeed a good way to have his promo get started. I also told him to visit Cellit Mobile Marketing to know more about this. Cellit specializes in this new generation type of marketing and they can help you set up one's own short code easily. Plus, they also make mobile websites and applications!

As of yesterday, he just applied to Cellit's services and waiting for it to commence. Ah, I can't wait for my friend to update me on the developments of his new venture.

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