Getting Fit

A friend of mine needs an exercise bike. She told me she really need to lose some weight. She's a busy person so probably she has no time to go jogging or going to the gym, that's why she wants to have an exercise bike so that she could set it up in her apartment and use it. But she just moved to another town, so she doesn't know the shops that well.

Since I regularly use the internet, I easily found that specializes in these kind of problems my friend had. At first she was hesitant about the prices, so just to make sure she tried to scour the city one day to find a shop and compare the prices. When she got home, she was happy to tell me that she is definitely going for eFITology because she found out that the Tunturi bike that she wanted was much cheaper than the nearby shop, plus the company offers delivery of the equipment right in your doorstep. She was so happy that she even decided to buy another equipment which is the Tunturi elliptical cross trainer. And to further give her a motivation to exercise, I shared her an exercise info site that offers basics and tips to achieve the weight she desires. Of course I am happy for my friend, so I am hoping the best results.

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