Magnificent Magnus Strikes Again!

Sure my favorite girl Siobhan Magnus had a rough time last week, so when I watched last Tuesday's performance, I thought it was all different. I usually knew her to belt and hit really high notes and leave the audience and judges' mouth open. But last Tuesday? Well, toned down a bit and gave a nice and mellow rendition of Paul McCartney and John Lennon's "Across the Universe" and of course- with an odd outfit that I would personally call "The Rocker Bride look".

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Yeah it was my first time singing low and soft (without those screamings) But still, she totally nailed it. I thought Fiona Apple gave a good rendition of the song but after hearing Siobhan's, it was clear that she made it look that it's her song. Well the judges loved it too with Ellen saying, "I loved that it was different ... and I thought it was beautiful" and Randy, "I love the tenderness and that outfit" And while Kara is still "processing" the number, our favorite judge Simon made my Siobhan teary-eyed when he asked how did she connected with the song.

"I think you came back much, much stronger" after a disastrous week last week, Cowell added.

Now the question is: Will she make it safe? Or is there a chance she could be sitting in one of those dreaded bottom 3 stools? We'll have to find out later at the results night, where Rihanna and David Archuleta will perform.

Anyway, here is the full video of Magnificent Magnus' "Across the Universe" performace. Enjoy!

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