May 27, 2010

Black and White Week- May 27, 2010

Seriously, am I really the only one who likes Dakota Fanning? From the screaming little girl to a hot band vocalist, I am definitely sure she would grow up a good lady- I mean good like, no busting, no sex videos, drugs, whatsoever.

Future Hot Chick, maybe?

Anyway, this is a black and white photo of Dakota Fanning I got from her website. I was looking fora DF photo for quite some time now, because most of her photo shoots were kinda girlish, I should say. But this one is different. Maybe I'm just used to seeing Dakota in some wholesome, teeny bopper pics online. This one is just a preview of the other side of her. She's just 16 and there's still more to come for this talented young lady. Ah, isn't it funny to watch a child star growing and becoming an adult A-list actress? You could see her transformation by merely looking at her photos.

By the way, check Dakota Fanning on Eclipse.