Lately, I've been planning to schedule an appointment to the hair salon to have a nice trim for my hair. It's been kinda long now and because of this scorching summer heat, it really makes me uncomfortable. That is because I used to have a very short hair.

Now, I am making a big deal. Half of my subconscious mind tells me that I should cut my hair short 'cause that's what I'm comfortable with, and the other half tells me to maintain my long hair because it makes me look more "girly" (LOL). I love that barbers mine, it has been my haircut for almost 20 years. But also love my long hair. I admit, since I am not used to having a shoulder length hair, I find it hard to maintain and take care of it (hi hi). Unlike short ones which I also call wash and wear style. Just a little combing and you're done. Before, I used to have my haircut every 6 months. But now every time I look at the mirror and look at it, I feel good about myself because I managed to endure one hell of a year of not going to the shop to have my hair cut or trimmed. It was an achievement for me. Well, I haven't decide yet. I still got plenty of time to think about it.

For now, I should focus on my other plan. PSP....

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