May 31, 2010

I desperately WANT this.

So many things happened and I lost track of this latest Ultraman movie which premiered last December 2009. A DVD and a Blu-Ray has been released, I so want to have one. Or I just want to watch the movie. So anyway, what's new with this new Ultraman flick?
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Monster attack!

Well first, the setting of the story is outside planet Earth. For the first time, we have an Ultraman movie sent entirely on its home planet, M78. A battle between Ultraman and another Ultraman. Really? Yes, we have a new villain, a former warrior of the planet called Ultraman Belial (will get to know this guy soon) and a new Ultraman named Zero debuted on silver screen. And of course, the old schools are back- Mebius, Leo, Astra, Dyna, Seven, and many more that I cannot name them. Finally, the movie's soundtrack was made by Mike Verta, and American composer and visual effects guy who made a name with his works for Superman Returns ans Star Wars. Tsuburaya Productions also partnered with Warner Bros. to be the official distributor of the film. So much new in this movie so, I really want to watch it. I so love Ultraman, I consider myself an Ultra Geek!
Anyway, here are some pics from the movie premiere in Japan, courtesy of SciFi Japan. Enjoy!