May 24, 2010

It's Good to Write Again.

These past few weeks I've been cooking up something inside my brain. Something not new to me. Let's say an urge- An urge to write. My brain is like a boiling teapot, you know. When the water is boiling, you have to open the the pot to avoid the spilling, you know what I'm saying. That's how I describe my brain right now. I have so many ideas, teeming with ideas, inspiration that I have to let it out.
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A few days ago, I started writing again. No, I won't tell what it's all about, but it is a short story. And I have a perfect plot and characters. It has been playing in my mind now for weeks and one day Mr. Story told me, "Hey, I think I have to go out of your hard shell not before it's late." And so I did. I opened the notepad and began typing, and as of today, I already finished 3 chapters (wait- this is not short story). But I guess I have to keep writing more, because every time I stop and go to rest, its like my fingers were protesting, wanted me to continue the story more because I still have so much ideas and plots and events for my work.

I have been suffering from the so-called writer's block for about a year now, and it's amazing that my imagination is doing good today. I said "Does mean I don't have writer's block any more? And is this the effect of not having writer's block, from zero idea to tons and tons of it?"
Well, I just hope this won't end so soon.

But anyway, I have my inspirations of course that really drive me to write. Inspirations and goals, I should say. Want to know? Here are my top 4 inspirations in no particular order:Well the main reason I really want to buy PSP is for me to watch movies. Lame reason? I'm a movie buff, and I travel. And sometimes traveling is boring so I need something where I could put my favorite movies to watch them wherever I am.

Of course, I can't get to buy that PSP if I don't work, so I have to get my butt up and keep working. Remember, it's just a week away before pay time and who knows? Maybe I could buy this gadget.

Who says I don't need love? Of course I do. And Armie is one of my inspirations. Hay, long distance relationship is kinda hard, but we believe we can keep it as long as we trust and love each other. Like that song from Eagles...

This lovely lesbian icon has been one of my motivations lately. In fact, I based one of my "short story" characters from her. Well everyone loves Lena Headey. Men, youngsters, and of course, lesbians. And Haven't I told you yet? She's number three ultimate girl crush list!