New Blog?!

Hell no! I just changed my blog title, that's it.
What do you think of the new name?
I must admit, but I like watching Spongebob Squarepants even if parents protest that their children learn nothing but rudeness and other evil doings from this show. But who cares? Spongebob is so cute and lovely. And I love Squidward Tentacles.

So there was this episode where Squidward tries to cheer Mr. Krabs by telling him a joke:

Squidward: Why do children weren't allowed to watch pirate movies?
Mr. Krabs: Why?
Squidward: Because they're rated ARRRGHH!

Though Mr. Krabs found the joke boring and lame, I can't help myself laughing so hard. And that was when the idea came up for a new blog title.

Mr. Squidward (and the show's scriptwriter) inspired me to do this.

Well thers' some slight changes actually. I decided to change the ARRRGHH to ARRR because the original one sounds like angry. And so I changed it in order to emphasize the letter R which stands for Rara (that's me) and ARRR for Armie (that's my girlfriend). And as you can see in the header there's a rainbow flag and it means that I am telling my readers and visitors how proud I am that the owner of this blog is a lesbian (read it Mom if you happen to be visiting).

Phew! Feels like I've done a lot of make over for this. But I am happy for this accomplishment and looking forward to more in the future! :-D

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