June 8, 2010

Why Do I Love This- The Book of Eli

Okay, so I'm really not good in giving reviews. So what I'm going to do is list down some of the reasons why I love a certain film or TV show that I have watched, I think that might be fun and easier 'cause you don't have to read long in depth observations. I'll just make mine simple.

For this post, I will list down my favorite things about this movie that I've recently watched, The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington. Here are my top 4 reasons why I am amazed and loved this film:

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The first scene
I call this the "hunting scene". It was intense yet amazing.

Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman

Two of the most versatile actors in Hollywood stars in this movie

The visuals

I could say the visual effects of the movie is astounding, perfect for the post-apocalyptic theme.

The Ladies are Hot
Mila Kunis did a great job for her role as Solara

While Jennifer Beals, though a supporting role, nailed her character playing the blind Claudia.

If you still haven't watched the movie yet, please do. The fight scenes, story, plus the other four that I've mentioned all in this movie. Plus I recommend that it is a perfect weekend movie to watch with your family and friends.