July 5, 2010

Go Hyun Jung: I want to live as a man in my next life

Kind of lezzie? I don't know. Maybe? ^_^
In latest interview in a Korean tv show, Seju Mishil actress Go Hyun Jung in one of the rarest events discussed her inner thoughts and revealed what she wants to be if she was born again. Her revelation:

- She told that if she was born again, she would never become an actress. She would rather live a normal life.
-And she added that it is also hard living as a woman and she wants to live as a man if she was born again.

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I kinda question and wonder why she wants to be a man. Does this mean she's not happy being a woman and regret it? But when I read something about her personal life, I kinda understand her. That's her opinion.

Go Hyun Jung's turbulent marriage is well-known in Korea. 15 years ago, she fell in love and married Jeong Yong-jin, from a family of business tycoons (chaebol). Mr. Jeong is the Co-CEO of Korea's biggest retail store Shinsegae, and is the grandson of Lee Byung Chul, founder of Samsung. Sounds like Cinderella story, eh? But despite of this, her husband's family didn’t approve of her as a mere actress, not from a chaebol family and forced her to retire from acting. Her 8-year marriage with Mr. Jeong must have gone through hell (well definitely) ended with a nasty divorce, lost custody of her children to her powerful in-laws.

It’s rumoured that in 2005, two years after the divorce, Shinsegae Department Store had passed down a ruling that stated that none of its stores are allowed to display any Go Hyun Jung-related material. That meant all the products she endorsed- cosmetics, applicances, etc. And 7 years down the road, it looks like the ruling is still being enforced. And this is not a random case, as Go Hyun Jung’s endorsement of a certain refrigerator brand has also met with the same fate. Now that's harsh, really.

Up to this day, she still hasn't seen her kids ever since the divorce. Real sad. 7 years after, she came back to acting and gave us real entertainment as Seju Mishil in the Korean period drama Queen Seonduk. I'm just glad she divorced that guy (seriously). She always tell the media that "she has never been happier and free.. that although she thinks about her kids all the time.. she is still very happy".

Anyway, I wonder... if she would live as a man in her next life, would he be a rich one like her ex-husband? Joking. Some of her former co-stars call her "older brother" and describes her as a "caring and generous person".

And oh, I forgot. Go Hyun Jung is the face and the official endorser of LG Electronics, Samsung's rival company. Now I'm having doubts on whether to buy a Samsung phone or not. :-)