July 2, 2010

Let me try this 999-Peso cellphone.

I just bought myself a cellphone. No, a calculator. No, it's a calculator-looking cellphone. I bought one for my other number. It was cute, it really looks like a calculator. And it comes in different shades of colors. But the bestest best part is, it's cheap. Totally.

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Truth is, texters love this Cherry Mobile P1 phone. When you're not that complicated type that wants his phone to be as high tech as possible, this phone is for you. It supports both text and call. It has basic keys which is very user friendly. Plus the fact that it is cheap, you don't have to worry about it in case some snatchers grab it from you (hehe). It can be also your gift to your friends, and you can buy as many as you want as a gift for your pamangkins too.

It also comes in different colors- Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Black, and bought an Orange for me because Orange is cute. It's my favorite color!