Tweaking, Crush, Lost DVD, and Daemul.

I'm doing some tweaks in my blog. As you can see, I added some new ones on the sidebar. And oh, a new crush! Clementine Ford is definitely on my list. Linda Perry must be so lucky to hug ans kiss her everyday. Speaking of ladies, I still haven't found my L Word Season 1 DVD. Darn it! I have my seasons 2-6 with me except for that first season which is the most important. I am still figuring out where did I put my beloved DVD

I'm also happy to know that Go Hyun Jung, my July crush and Cholo Kwon Sang woo already started shooting Daemul. I am happy to know and after all the problems of the production, they still made it and of course, they still got the original actors for the lead role. I'm excited to see more of GHJ!

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