Hunters Unite!

With my own PSP, I can now join my office mates to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This has been my addiction since the day I bought my game console. Though I am still in a low level rank, I am really enjoying every moment of playing this game. Actually, this is not an easy game but thanks to MHFU's hunting parties, I have 4 of my office mates to help me hunt the monster I am assigned to. I am the only female (and a lesbian) player in our office and the 3 others are male. But of course, I've created a male character which I will show you in my future posts. But for now, here's a review from Jason of Electric Playground which I think is one of the best reviews for this game. The rest of it after the jump.

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• Huge cool monsters
• You can install game to reduce load times
• Tons and ton and tons of content
• You can import your character from Monster Hunter Freedom 2
• Felyne helpers assist you in the field
• Four player hunting parties


• Game has no concept of "easy"
• Huge learning curve
• Still no ability to lock-on
• Camera is still untamed
"It's possible to get so obsessed with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite that it becomes your career. Especially if you're one of those people who can spend hours grinding and crafting a character in an MMO.

MHFU slightly revises the formula with new monsters, more quests and cool new features like Felyne helpers with accompany you on the hunt. It's a tough game, so you'll be encouraging your friends to get the game just so you can have someone help you take out a wyvern. In fact, MHFU is one of the least noob-friendly games I have ever played: there are tons of tutorials to work through, and even the easiest missions will hand you your ass at the early stages of the game. It doesn't help that the game's camera still hasn't settled down. Much of this could be fixed if Capcom would implement a lock-on feature, but they refuse to do that, even for ranged weapons. There were many times where I found myself firing blindly off screen.

I have to admit though, if you can get over the early growing pains, this game will keep you warm for a long time. There is so much to do: gather plants, make items, fish and of course, hunt down every beastie in the game. There's something about killing some massive monster and then making a weapon out of its bones that is so amazingly satisfying. I also like that you have the option of installing the game to reduce load times, and you can even import a character from Monster Hunter Freedom 2. If you're the sort who can spend a month going through a game squeezing out every last bit of content no matter how challenging it gets, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is for you."

Overall score: 8.0
Bottomline: A good game for someone who wants a long-haul grind.

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