Things Unique and Cool.

Yep, I do. From clothing to gadgets, everything with unique and cool style catches my eye and makes me want to own one. Now that I have a job, I began buying some cool gadgets and with the help of the internet, it's easier for people to shop online without moving from their seat.

Yesterday, I scanned the internet for some funny t-shirts online, and I was so amazed to see so many designs to choose from. From funny pictures to funny statements, my eyes feasted on these shirts and started to look for some. I found 2 shirts with unique designs and without any hesitation, I hit the check out button and paid for it immediately. I am also into posters and there are websites that sell them. There are even sites that sells vintage, celebrity, and inspirational posters. I also thought of buying one in the near future so that I could post it on my room. Just today, I remember it was my grandfather's birthday and I thought of giving a uniquely-designed mug for him as a gift. I am sure he will love it because he loves to drink coffee and besides, he needs to replace his old mug now because of some cracks.

Having cool and unique gadgets is fun. And it's even more fun if you share it to others. These are great gifts and can also be used as giveaways for some occasions. So what cool things do you own?

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