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Remeber Me? |Sunday Classics- It's My Party

Hooray for Lesley Gore, my favorite female 60's pop artist! This song dominated Billboard and stayed 11 weeks on Top 40 and her most popular song ever! She returned to the music scene last 2005 along with the confirmation that she is gay. Kudos to Ms. Lesley! Enjoy video, enjoy the song.


One of my closest friend since high school just broke up with her long time girlfriend. A couple of days ago she paid a visit at our house and had a chat. There she told me that their relationship ended in a very bad way. Oh, heat break. You are so cruel. First it was me, now my friend.

Remeber Me? |Sunday Classics- I'm Still Loving You

One of my favorite old school song of the 90's! But did you know that this song was originally an Indonesian folk song? Then a Chinese singer Teresa Teng made a Chinese version of it which became a big hit across Asia. Since then the song was translated into different languages. Now I will share you the English version of it by Juliana Jean. Enjoy!

Gotta Work Hard.

I am happy to know that for the second time, I am again included in the top performers list in our company. Yay! Of course I am happy. It makes me want to work more to maintain in the top performers list every month. Well that must be hard but I will try my best! I even have no time to write on my blog. I have so many tasks pending in my mail (and they're equal to cash) and yet I have no time to make an article for them. It's hard to write when you're busy with something else you know! And if you noticed, it's been weeks now since I last posted for Black and White Week. Oh man. I must focus on blogging again. Also, I wasn't able to tell you how I bought my PSP.

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But the biggest and the primary reason why I can't write now is I am busy with Omma GHJ haha! Busy with the forum and watching Daemul (which I will post my thought about it soon). I was under her spell for months now haha! And I am planning to have a Go Hyun Jung-inspired Chri…

Daemul Tops TV Ratings

Finally! I get to watch Daemul's first episode and all I can say is that Go Hyun Jung rocks! Wow! And it proved to be a success when it topped Seoul and nationwide TV ratings!

Beating out Fugitive Plan B which only landed 3rd, fans are excited for the 3rd episode and know more about Seo Hye Rim's road to becoming the first female Korean President. Congratulations, Daemul!

Cosplay Mania X.

I wasn't able to take good photos at the event. But of course, I have to share some of the pics I captured.

Of course, I went home with some goodies in my hands, which included a K-On! inspired cellphone strap, Monster Hunter keychain and a hat/bonnet, whatever you call it, it's a cute head gear! The event was a success! More cosplay next year!