Gotta Work Hard.

I am happy to know that for the second time, I am again included in the top performers list in our company. Yay! Of course I am happy. It makes me want to work more to maintain in the top performers list every month. Well that must be hard but I will try my best! I even have no time to write on my blog. I have so many tasks pending in my mail (and they're equal to cash) and yet I have no time to make an article for them. It's hard to write when you're busy with something else you know! And if you noticed, it's been weeks now since I last posted for Black and White Week. Oh man. I must focus on blogging again. Also, I wasn't able to tell you how I bought my PSP.

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But the biggest and the primary reason why I can't write now is I am busy with Omma GHJ haha! Busy with the forum and watching Daemul (which I will post my thought about it soon). I was under her spell for months now haha! And I am planning to have a Go Hyun Jung-inspired Christmas post soon and I have a good idea that's been running around my mind. Everything I'm thinking now is GHJ. Making arts (I didn't use my Photoshop for almost a year, now I'm using it again haha). I am inspired now, maybe I should something about her again.

Oh well, Daemul is becoming a hit in Korea. It's 3rd episode got a whopping 26% TV ratings compared to its rival dramas. Well done! Now I'm downloading episode 3 and 4 to watch it later. Anyway, I will just leave you with my favorite GHJ still in Daemul. She is cute!

Cute GHJ- Snow White style woot!

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