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Year Ender 2010

2010 Crush of the Month
In a few hours I'll be off my way to the province, so let me greet you guys a prosperous new year ahead and enjoy the event! See you next year!

Sunday Classics- Breakng up is Hard to Do

Released in 1962, this is Neil Sedaka's signature song. Relive the yesteryears and enjoy.

Financial Freedom Starts Here.

It's December and we just received our 13th month pay! My wallet's a bit fat this holiday. But Jane, one of my officemates was shocked to see that she almost got no money left. She wondered why when all she bought were gifts from her friends and family and yet her she only had a couple of thousand bills left on her wallet. Well Jane admitted that she really has no control of her finances. Actually, almost all of my officemates are, especially the singles including me. That's we seriously need to control our spending ways. So how about using a budget worksheet?
Budget worksheets are useful when you want to track every money that you spend and monitor how fast your cash rolls in and out of your wallet or bank. When you're a spender like me or Jane, a good detailed budget worksheet will help you control your financial expenses. With the help of the internet, there are now sites that help consumers keeping track of their money by offering online budget sheets. For household…

Sunday Classics- The Platters!

For those who didn't know, I am a fan of oldies music (if you could only see my iPod songs), and The Platters are my ultimate favorite! My mom and dad's influence- yeah, they used to play old songs for us before we go to sleep as our lullaby so at an early age, I learned to like oldies but goodies songs. Anyway here's my favorite with one of the few rare performances they had.

Have a Go Hyun Jung Christmas!

Thanks to Misterhubs for this wonderful idea, now I get to make one myself. Go Hyun Jung fans of the world, let us sing this together! One! Two! Three!

Oh.... You..

That Look.

Sets me on fire.

Leisha Hailey- Actress, Musician
This is what I love most about women. Whenever they we look, one could always see what we feel. So I don't see why men- and of course, women fell in love with it, whether it could be a cold eye to eye stare or a hot, passionate (and yummy) gaze. Leisha Hailey to me is the hottest lesbian celebrity ever. Look at one of her photo above, I drooled over that one! Anyway, to celebrate that look that made me and other guys and girls' hearts melt, feast and fall in love.

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Good to see you again, Mister.
Sad to say, I won't be able to go home to the province to be with my family for the holidays. Looks like I'll be having my celebration either at home or at work. This is gonna be so new to me. Anyway, I am working on a Go Hyun Jung-inspired Christmas jingle not because I want to make the other fans happy, but because I really want to do it for my personal satisfaction (what?). I've been thinking about this Christmas thingy for several months now and now is the time to start it. Hmmm... wondering what's the best song that fits GHJ. Do you guys have any idea?