That Look.

Sets me on fire.

Leisha Hailey- Actress, Musician

This is what I love most about women. Whenever they we look, one could always see what we feel. So I don't see why men- and of course, women fell in love with it, whether it could be a cold eye to eye stare or a hot, passionate (and yummy) gaze. Leisha Hailey to me is the hottest lesbian celebrity ever. Look at one of her photo above, I drooled over that one! Anyway, to celebrate that look that made me and other guys and girls' hearts melt, feast and fall in love.

Piper Perabo-Actress
Alluring, and oh, look at that lips.

Lena Headey- Actress
I will always remember you as Luce who made Rachel and other girls come out of the closet :-)

Tina Fey-Writer, Actress
Her quirky look made her the hottest Geek on television. Hurray for Liz!

Summer Glau-Actress, Dancer>
You just made my little brother your admirer when she saw you and that "robotic look" in TSCC.

Go Hyun Jung- Actress, Beauty Queen
Oh my gosh. Because of her fierce character in Queen Seon Duk, she's the only villain I ever fell in love with. And I mean it, THE ONLY ONE.

And of course, how can I forget our last hottie?

Not only that you are beautiful, you're also one of LGBT community's hero. Kudos to you, Jennifer!

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