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A Perfect Holiday Gift

One of my girlfriend's hobby is getting manicure pedicure for her nails. She loves changing nail polish colors and every couple of weeks, I always see her wearing differnent colors and designs on her finger and toenails. Sometimes, I accompany her to a local parlor to to have her nails done. She loves doing this as she finds it relaxing to do. So this Christmas, I am thinking of a good gift for her.

I am thinking of giving her a treat to a foot spa or massage which I'm sure she'll love. She's been working hard, I want to give her something she can emjpy and relax. How about a vacation? We could go to a nearby resort or go out of town for a couple of days just to relax and spend more time with each other. I has always been an option, and it would be perfect, but given the nature of her work, I'm pretty sure it will be an option.

Or, how about a set of nail polish? I saw a great Julep Maven offer and I am thinking of getting one. The box contains nail polish, hand s…

The Long and Winding Road

It's been months since I last posted on this blog. I am sorry for the super late delay. I've been busy with personal stuffs, you know. First, I've been busy packing my things. Yes, people, I am moving out again and going back to the place where it all started. But it will be different now. I'll be moving in with my siblings in a new place we had rented- a small unit where me and my bros will share rent and pay bills. I know it won't be easy but I am excited to move in and be with them again. It's sad living alone, you know.

I haven't updated my Crush of the Month list and it's already December! Still, I have to do my end of the year recap of my girls
I don't update Facebook that much.
I don't update Google+ that much.

But I've been hanging out on Twitter so much I am gunning for my 3,000th tweet! Yay!
If you guys want, you can follow me on!/hellorarar and take a look at my super cool Ultraman background haha!

Steve Job's Going to be Busy Again.

He may have retired from his work before he died, but Mr. Job's service is again needed UP THERE.

I was just kidding. But it might be true hahaha! See how powerful Apple is. Even the folks in heaven want to experience it! Anyway, just wanna share this vid- if you still don't believe in Apple's power. Enjoy!

Para kay Sir AJ

Ako ay nakikiramay sa pamilya at mga kaibigan ni Sir AJ. Hanggang ngayon, hindi pa din ako makapaniwala ang biglaan nyang pagkawala. Kahit ako din naman at nabigla sa aking nabalitaan.

Noong ako'y nagsisimula pa lang ako sa blogging, isa si Sir AJ sa mga sinusubaybayan kong blog. Nakakaaliw ang kaniyang mga artikulo at kasabay noon ay natututo ka din naman. Naaaliw ako sa mga podcast na kanyang nilalabas sa kanyang blog. Ang blog niya ( ang pinakaunang gay blog na nabasa ko at dahil dito, madami pa akong mga nasubaybayanag gay bloggers.

Are You an Eco Shopper?

These days when technology rules our everyday life and products are made from different materials, we can't help but think of the old times. I myself think sometimes want to use eco-friendly products, organically-grown foods, and animal-friendly outfits. And or course, I'm not alone in this. There are others out the who really think what I'm thinking.

Good thing for us, because amidst the bustling lifestyle, people are beginning to live the eco-friendly way. And because of this, more eco-friendly products are beginning to make names in the market. More and more people today are practicing the so-called eco shopping.

What is eco shopping anyway? Well, this is the same as the ordinary shopping. But with eco shopping, an eco shopper shops for products that are eco or environment-friendly, organically-made/grown, products that are not made from animal parts, and products that are fair traded. And since these products are aren't made from any synthetic materials, the price…

Love Fireworks!

New Year's eve is my favorite part of the year. It is the time when our family comes home from the city too, it serves as our reunion. This only happens once a year, so we make sure that we make our New Year celebration happy and memorable.

And of course, part of our celebration is the traditional fireworks. I love fireworks! A few days we get to buy some nice and colorful fireworks from shops. We buy as much as we want and I remember there was a time when my relatives spent more than 10,000 Pesos on fireworks alone! It was the most memorable New Year I had so far. The fireworks they bought were superb! Watching them makes me happy. I even record them on my cellphone and watch the videos after whenever I feel like watching them again. I have about 5 video clips from my phone and I am planning to make compile this to make my own firework movies. That would be nice.

This year, I am looking forward to go to the province again, to celebrate New Year and spend quality time with my fam…

Back from the Dead.

Hello guys! It's been a while, quite long hiatus! Well if you wonder what happened to me, I just had a big adventure- super big adventure. It's been a busy time for me and to be honest, I am still busy, though I had this time to update my internet social life.

 First of all, I am now living alone. I moved out from my relative's house a couple of weeks ago, that is why I wasn't able to update my blog, my Twitter, my Facebook... Anyway, the reason why I moved out is because there's a demon living in there. I thought he was good. When I was a kid, he used to be one of my favorite. He likes playing with us, making kites, toys, etc. Then I learned that he's demon, eventually he showed his real motive. And then the worst thing happened. AKO NG NGA ANG NAAG-GRABYADO, AKO NA NGA ANG NAPAGSAMANTALAHAN, AKO PA ANG MINASAMA. AKO PA ANG PINALAYAS.

So I moved out. It was hard at first but little by little, I am starting to appreciate and learn a lot. I am now learning the a…


This past week, I was able to watch 3 movies, 2 from the movie house and 1 from the DVD my brother bought. They were great, very entertaining. To give you some "clues" on what those movies are, I will post some photos, then you'll be able to tell. Happy guessing!

Cue #1:

Clue #2:

Clue #3:

Sunday Classics- Tiny Tim

Last song syndrome! I first heard of this song just a few days ago, it was real classic! But I think this song got another reputation as the creepy song from the horror move Insidious. Enjoy!


I now made my Tumblr blog! I could post some photos there, and planning to migrate all my photos from my old Blogger photoblog there. That would be nice!

Will update you more in the future!

Conversation 1

Sunday afternoon, May 29, 2011

Me: Ayoko kay Marian. Eeww.

Ate Nieves: Bakit? Siguro type mo si Dingdong.

Me: Nge, kahit di pa sila date ayaw ko na sa kanya. Saka pwede ba ako magkakagusto sa lalake...

Jamie: Tama!

Ate Nieves: Hmmm.... Girlfriend mo si Eva?

Me: Oo.

Ate Nieves: Di nga... Girlfriend mo si Eva?

Me: Oo nga. Bakit?

Jamie: Yes... oh my God, you didn't know ate?

Me: Oh my God, you're so uncool!

*just another lazy Sunday afternoon chat*

Sunday Classics- Bye Bye Boy

After Pizzicato Five, Nanase Aikawa was my second Japanese singer/rocker, and Bye Bye Boy was my second J-Rock ever. I remember it was 1997 when mother bought this cassette tape with J-Pop and dance songs in it ncluding this song. Happy that I found this vid from YouTube. Anyway, here's Nanase Aikawa's song from her 1996 album, Red. Enjoy!


Cousin Rob is always complaining about a bunch of catalogs he receives on his mailbox every week. The free magazines and pamphlets fill out his mailbox outumbering  important mails. Whenever he checks his mailbox, he has to dig deeper and checks the papers one by one to look for the important ones. It was a total waste of time, plus a waste of paper, cousin Rob says.

In the old school world, these free magazines, pamphlets and cataglogs are the original spam mails. They just appear to your mailbox even if you do not subscribe to them. If spam mail annoy you in your e-mail box, think of these papers that pop in your mailbox and how annoying that is.

Well, there are some ways to prevent junk mail and clear your inbox, and one of the easiest and convenient way is by signing up on website to control and reduce the volume of catalogs that you receive. It is convenient and easy, because you don't have to call the companies one by one to remove you from their list. You are the one who wi…


One wish granted!

Remember my wishlist that included Chuck Palahniuk's novel Pygmy? Well my girlfriend just bought one for me as her monthsary surprise! Check this out!

Surprised by the note on the second page. I so love it *teary-eyed*

Thank you for the book. I'm now reading chapter 8 and I'm loving it! I love you. Happy 6 months, baby.

It's Out.

AfterEllen just released this years HOT100 list and I am getting mixed reactions among the readers and the ones voted, including me. A lot of new faces made it to the list, and here's my take on that.

What's up?

Sorry for not giving you some updates lately guys. As you know and it always happen to me, I was sick again, and this is was the second time. I had this terrible terrible sore throat and before I know, here comes the common cold and then come the cough. But not to worry now, I am feeling fine and now back to work.

So what happened these past weeks? Well, I attended the wedding of my officemate Allan. It was amazing and I'm happy for them. I hope they're enjoying their honeymoon!


Happy Mother's Day to my 5 mothers! Celebration ito yehey!


Colors make me happy when I am sad. When my day sucks or when I had a bald luck; Just one look at them and then I'm glad.


A salute to all workers this Labor Day!


Grabe ang init ngayon. Metro Manila just reached a record high of 36 degrees Celsius last Tuesday, it was one hell of a day! Seriously, it was hell. I suffered from severe headache that day and good thing hindi ako na-heatsroke
Summer has officially started. Officially. And this means swimming, cold drinks, halo-halo, turning on the aircon, and wearing summer clothes. It is the time of the year where kids and teens have no classes which is a super yes to me because there's no heavy traffic. It is also the time of the year where different types of shops offer summer promos- like discounts from their products, buy one-take one promos, etc. .

This Holy Week...

I want to share this video that became a hit just hours after it was posted. It is from a Nowegian photographer named Terje Sorgjerd. This video amazed me, I was teary-eyed while watching this. Amazing. Before I share to you the movie, here is Mr. Sorgjerd's notes:
"This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011. I had the pleasure of visiting El Teide.

Spain´s highest mountain @(3718m) is one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars and is also the location of Teide Observatories, considered to be one of the world´s best observatories.
The goal was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide. I have to say this was one of the most exhausting trips I have done. There was a lot of hiking at high altitudes and probably less than 10 hours of sleep in total for the whole week. Having been here 10-11 times before I had a long list of must-see locations I wanted to capture for this movie, but I am still not 100…

Sunday Classics- (How Much is That )Doggie in the Window

One of Patti Page hit songs during the 50's. This song is dedicated to all the dog lovers like me!


So I'm planning get a tattoo. Matagal ko na itong pinag-iisipan (super tagal na, aktibista pa ako noon), considering situations and weighing all the possible consequnces. But now, I've decided to get inked. Hindi dahil sa sinugsugan ako or nainggit ako. Pansarili ko itong kagustuhan. :-)

Money is not a problem for this very big project. I could save a few thousand pesos every pay day until I have enough. In fact, I already have savings I could go to a decent tattoo shop and get one today. Problema nga lang, hindi pa ako nakakapagdesisyon kung anu ipapa-tattoo ko.

Sunday Classics- I'm a Believer

Another classic hit, but this time from the '60s band The Monkees. Look how cute Davy Jones was, and look at his weird dance lol! Anyway, here is The Monkees with I'm a believer. Happy Sunday!


I'm thinking of getting one. Any suggestions?

Eyeglasses with Style

In this era of technology, we cannot help but spend our time in front of our computers, mobile phones, and tablets. And this would harm our eyes. Although companies today provide gadgets that are safe for our eyes, we cannot be sure how safe it is. And based on my observations, more people are wearing eyeglasses today to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of computers and other electronic gadgets.

I have a friend that wears glasses. Because his work focuses on computers, he is forced to wear one because he found out he has astigmatism. And because he also has a sense of fashion, he wears trendy eyewear! He told me he didn't like wearing glasses but he had no choice, so instead he had his eyeglass frame changed to atleast match his everyday outfit whenever he's in or out of the office.

Well, I can say vintage glasses today are becoming a hit, along with the fact that vintage fashion today is now a hit among our younger generation. More optical shops provide frames for …

Sunday Classics- Will You Still Love Me Tommorrow

The first all girl group to have number one single on the Billboard. One of the few girl groups I love. Enjoy this hit song from The Shirelles. Happy Sunday!


Good morning to others. Good night for me.

And Happy April Fools! Watch out for pranks, people!

Cordillera Day 2011

The last Cordillera Day I attended was 2008 in Licuay-Baan, Abra. This year Cordi Day will be held in Abra but this time in Lacub, a small town which I stayed for a couple of months during my previous work. Somehow I feel disappointed when I learned that the activity will be held in Lacub. I miss this community and the locals there, the families I met and some of my friends. But because of work, I am pretty sure I will not be able to participate this year's Cordi Day. You need to have at least a week off for the activity.  

Lacub was chosen as this year's venue for Cordi Day because of its rich history of resistance against Cellophil Logging in the 80's. Lacub is rich in gold deposits as I have seen and joined local small scale miners before.  Today, Lacub is a target for exploration by Gold Lake Mineral Resources, which mean a threat to the environment and resources for the community. 

Of course, when there is mining, there is militarization. Like the other towns in Abra, p…


"Talaga? Kayo? Panu nangyari yun?" Those were the reactions I've heard from our close friends.  True, kahit kaming dalawa hindi makapaniwala. It's been just a couple of months since we entered this relationship, though we've known each other for almost a decade now.

She was my school mate and a fellow CAT officer back in highschool. She was my first real girl crush (as Gillian Anderson's my imaginary girlfriend at that time hehe). She was my first love. Sa 16 years na nabuhay ako sa mundo bilang tibo, yun ang unang pagkakataong nagkagusto ako ng todo sa isang babae. And though she had boyfriends then, I know she's also attracted to girls. Until there's a time na nag-away kami at hindi kami nag-usap ng buong 4th year dahil sa sobrang selos ko nang maging sila ng isa kong kaibigang tibo din. I tried to divert my attention to other activities and I've had some other crushes during that time. Today, whenever we recall it, she always always jokingly te…

Facbook Problem

It's been 2 days in a row na hindi namin ma-access ang Facebook dito sa bahay. All sites are working fine except this site. At first we thought it was Chrome and Firefox, so we cleared all the cookies and caches and then tried to log in. But it's still the same, hindi pa rin magamit! Then it started na magkaroon ng signal problems ang brother ko 'cause he's a Smart subscriber. He can't send texts and receive any, and some time last night all all the messages he's supposed to receive yesterday afternoon came in, 24 messages at once. So we really thought it was SmartBro's problem and just hoped that tomorrow, everything will be fine again.

Sunday Classics- Afternoon Delight

You probably heard this song in the TV series Glee, which the cast gave a good rendition. But again, the original is always the best.


It's been a while since I checked my blog. Updated some codes as of now, I am planning to make a new theme. I miss writings codes and I think it could be a good refresher for me. Plus, I am kinda bored with my current theme. For now, I want to get a fresh, light-colored theme.

But before I do that, I have to update my links and other pages. I found out that some of them are broken and it might be useless for me or for someone visiting my little place. So have to clean it first before getting a new theme.

Before I say ciao for now, I encourage everyone to pray for the citizens of Japan. Earlier today, an 8.9 magnitude hit northern Japan and then followed by a massive tsunami in the province of Sendai. Tsunami warnings are also up in neighboring countries, including the Philippines. I have some friends in Japan right now, so I hope they are okay. Japan needs our prayer and support right now.

And that's it for now. Ciao!

Morning Shift, Night Shift.

Today is another day for me, and today is the start of another shift at work. Morning shift. Yes. My favorite.
I am looking forward to sleeping early at and waking up early in the morning. I am excited to see the blue sky (or gray sky). I am excited to see my other officemates. Morning shift is just the best shift.

Of course, I will miss night shift too. I will not be able to see my "forever GY" co-workers and of course, I will miss the night differential payment which is quite important especially in this time of economic crisis.

To my morning shift officemates, see you later! And to my night shift officemates, see you after 2 weeks!

Sunday Classics- Sweet Soul Revue

Happy March, everyone! If you notice, I barely had a post for February. I was so busy with all that's happened to me, I even forgot to have my monthly COTM!

Anyway, our classic for this Sunday is probably my very first taste of J-Pop. Enjoy Pizzicato Five's hit song, Sweet Soul Revue.

Sunday Classics- Blue Moon

The Ella Fitzgerald version is the best. Enjoy!


Hello guys. Apologize for not updating this blog often. Well I've been busy the last few days organizing a high school reunion for my batch and as the administrator for our Facebook group page, I am the main contact/coordinator of the group. So far we have found our perfect place to get together, the only problem now is the ones attending. So hopefully, I'll be able to finish and lay the final plan on the table before the 2nd week of March. Again, I am sorry for neglecting this blog. Please bear with me. Thanks.

Valentines and Heartbreak.

I love you. I hope that you are happy.

Sunday Classics- The Shoop Shoop Song

First recorded by Betty Everett and was recorded by dozens of singers in the past decades. One of them was Vonda Shepard and was included in the hit TV series Ally McBeal's OST.

For Your Lighting Needs...

I've been looking for some good lighting fixtures for my uncle's new house. For the past couple of months, we've been scouring some local lighting shops in the city to find some unique stylish lamps, but we just couldn't find one. Luckily, one of our relatives introduced us to a site that offers stylish lamps that really fits for my uncle's house. Our relative who happens to be an architect always recommends this shop to her clients for their lamps and other signature lighting products.

I could say that this shop has the best lighting fixtures for sale, from access lighting fixtures, lamps, bathroom lightings and even fans and other home decors like vanity mirrors, ceiling fans and bathroom accessories. They also offer elk lighting and murray feiss lighting with lots of designs to choose from. They also offer free shipping for their product and offer safe secure shopping online from internet hackers. And their best offer? 110% price guearantee to all their products,…

New Nurse, New Scrubs!

First of all, I congratulate my cousin for having her first job in the hospital as a nurse. Yay! Of course, her family and relatives are happy to have found a job in just months after she graduated. An so since it's her first job, she's excited to go to work in high spirits. So when my brother, also a nurse asked her if he already have her set of medical uniforms, my cousin suddenly remembered that she forgot to buy new ones. Yikes!
So since the nearest medical supply shop is quite far from his town, my brother suggested to look online for nursing scrubs on sale. Well, my brother is right. When you are looking for cheap nursing scrubs and uniforms, the internet offer a wide range of colors and designs that you can choose from. I saw my brother's scrubs and they have nice colors, funky designs, plus they are durable too. They some also offer cute and colorful surgical scrub hats, also in great designs.
My cousin ended up ordering 4 sets of nursing scrubs, they are to be del…


Hello guys! I wasn't able to update my blog lately because of work (yeah right). But now I managed to sneak a little time before jumping off to work so I will give you some updates on what's happening around me.

Sunday Classics- A Dear John Letter

A country song that became a hit in the 1950's by Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky. It was a hit that it has been covered by other popular singers. But of course for me, the original version's still the best. Have a good Sunday. Enjoy the song.

My Not-so-Late New Year Post

Finally, new year's here! I will have to wait for another 11 months before Christmas again. Anyway, it was good to know that I'm still alive and kicking (haha). Lucky enough that I finished 2010 without any major health problems, although I still have to take care of my heart and thyroid.