My Not-so-Late New Year Post

Finally, new year's here! I will have to wait for another 11 months before Christmas again. Anyway, it was good to know that I'm still alive and kicking (haha). Lucky enough that I finished 2010 without any major health problems, although I still have to take care of my heart and thyroid.
Anyway, the other reason I had a very nice year starter (that's what I call it) is that talented actress Go Hyun Jung won the Daesang Award AGAIN just a few hours before January 1, 2011. The recently concluded SBS Drama Awards last December 31 gave GHJ her third Daesang for the drama Dae Mul. Last 2009, she earned 2 Daesang for Queen Seonduk. 2010 is another lucky year for her, and we hope that this year it would be a more prosperous one, not only for herself but for her loved ones too. It was reported that she will take a month-long vacation in Europe so have a safe trip, GHJ! And don't forget to update your Twitter and post your photos!

Enjoy your vacation, Omma!

Finally, after 6 years with Armie, I have finally moved on and met another woman and fell in love head over heels with her. The good thing is Armie and I still remained as friends and I also met her new love too last December. She's also happy that we're still friends and that we happy that I have moved on. It may not be a perfect love story between her and me, but I think we still had a happy ending as good buddies.

I hope you guys had a good start this year too. Let's all be happy that like me, you are still alive and kicking!

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