January 23, 2011

New Nurse, New Scrubs!

First of all, I congratulate my cousin for having her first job in the hospital as a nurse. Yay! Of course, her family and relatives are happy to have found a job in just months after she graduated. An so since it's her first job, she's excited to go to work in high spirits. So when my brother, also a nurse asked her if he already have her set of medical uniforms, my cousin suddenly remembered that she forgot to buy new ones. Yikes!

So since the nearest medical supply shop is quite far from his town, my brother suggested to look online for nursing scrubs on sale. Well, my brother is right. When you are looking for cheap nursing scrubs and uniforms, the internet offer a wide range of colors and designs that you can choose from. I saw my brother's scrubs and they have nice colors, funky designs, plus they are durable too. They some also offer cute and colorful surgical scrub hats, also in great designs.

My cousin ended up ordering 4 sets of nursing scrubs, they are to be delivered within a couple of days. Well, that would lift her spirit and give her more inspiration to work. Good luck, dear cousin! You can do it!