4:32 PM

Hello guys! I wasn't able to update my blog lately because of work (yeah right). But now I managed to sneak a little time before jumping off to work so I will give you some updates on what's happening around me.
Ultraman: I saw this awesome Ultraman action figure on eBay and I'm planning to buy it real soon. So excited!

Work: New Year, no work?! Our office is currently trimming down its employees which is a very sad, sad news for this time of year. During the last few weeks more than 10 employees said goodbye, most of them were new ones/probies. That was harsh. In my line of work, there are 2 most important things to consider: Quantity and Quality. So I guess I'll just have to work hard and maintain/improve my work habits. Oh, and we'll be having a team meeting tomorrow.

Go Hyun Jung: I MISS HER! After her last drama ended, it didn't sink in to me until after a few weeks I realized I miss Omma on TV. Well I hope she's having a good time on her solo rendezvous in Europe haha.

Crush of the Month: Yeah, watch out for it on the 20th. You'll be surprised who the lucky celebrity is!

Lovelife: Amazing! We are still on the stage of getting to know each other and we love it. We love every moment that we spend. Sweet.

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