March 28, 2011

Cordillera Day 2011

The last Cordillera Day I attended was 2008 in Licuay-Baan, Abra. This year Cordi Day will be held in Abra but this time in Lacub, a small town which I stayed for a couple of months during my previous work. Somehow I feel disappointed when I learned that the activity will be held in Lacub. I miss this community and the locals there, the families I met and some of my friends. But because of work, I am pretty sure I will not be able to participate this year's Cordi Day. You need to have at least a week off for the activity.  

2008 Cordi Day in Licuan-Baay, Abra and of course, my favorite- topload!
Lacub was chosen as this year's venue for Cordi Day because of its rich history of resistance against Cellophil Logging in the 80's. Lacub is rich in gold deposits as I have seen and joined local small scale miners before.  Today, Lacub is a target for exploration by Gold Lake Mineral Resources, which mean a threat to the environment and resources for the community. 

Of course, when there is mining, there is militarization. Like the other towns in Abra, politicians in Lacub has their own private army. Plus some large detachments by the Philippine Army surrounding the town, and their aim is to protect large mining companies to operate without fear from the New People's Army.For those who will be attending the activity, enjoy it and at the same time learn about the rich history of Lacub and help the locals in their struggle against destructive mining to preserve their life, land, and tradition. It will be a long and rough trip, about 5 hours from the capital Bangued (I miss riding the jeepney topload! grrr!), but once you get there and participate at the activity, it's great. Meet some locals and fellow participants. I remember last year I some friends from Taiwan and Canada. 

Anyway, here is the invitation from Cordillera Peoples Alliance for Cordillera Day 2011.