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Cordillera Day 2011

The last Cordillera Day I attended was 2008 in Licuay-Baan, Abra. This year Cordi Day will be held in Abra but this time in Lacub, a small town which I stayed for a couple of months during my previous work. Somehow I feel disappointed when I learned that the activity will be held in Lacub. I miss this community and the locals there, the families I met and some of my friends. But because of work, I am pretty sure I will not be able to participate this year's Cordi Day. You need to have at least a week off for the activity.  

Lacub was chosen as this year's venue for Cordi Day because of its rich history of resistance against Cellophil Logging in the 80's. Lacub is rich in gold deposits as I have seen and joined local small scale miners before.  Today, Lacub is a target for exploration by Gold Lake Mineral Resources, which mean a threat to the environment and resources for the community. 

Of course, when there is mining, there is militarization. Like the other towns in Abra, p…


"Talaga? Kayo? Panu nangyari yun?" Those were the reactions I've heard from our close friends.  True, kahit kaming dalawa hindi makapaniwala. It's been just a couple of months since we entered this relationship, though we've known each other for almost a decade now.

She was my school mate and a fellow CAT officer back in highschool. She was my first real girl crush (as Gillian Anderson's my imaginary girlfriend at that time hehe). She was my first love. Sa 16 years na nabuhay ako sa mundo bilang tibo, yun ang unang pagkakataong nagkagusto ako ng todo sa isang babae. And though she had boyfriends then, I know she's also attracted to girls. Until there's a time na nag-away kami at hindi kami nag-usap ng buong 4th year dahil sa sobrang selos ko nang maging sila ng isa kong kaibigang tibo din. I tried to divert my attention to other activities and I've had some other crushes during that time. Today, whenever we recall it, she always always jokingly te…

Facbook Problem

It's been 2 days in a row na hindi namin ma-access ang Facebook dito sa bahay. All sites are working fine except this site. At first we thought it was Chrome and Firefox, so we cleared all the cookies and caches and then tried to log in. But it's still the same, hindi pa rin magamit! Then it started na magkaroon ng signal problems ang brother ko 'cause he's a Smart subscriber. He can't send texts and receive any, and some time last night all all the messages he's supposed to receive yesterday afternoon came in, 24 messages at once. So we really thought it was SmartBro's problem and just hoped that tomorrow, everything will be fine again.

Sunday Classics- Afternoon Delight

You probably heard this song in the TV series Glee, which the cast gave a good rendition. But again, the original is always the best.


It's been a while since I checked my blog. Updated some codes as of now, I am planning to make a new theme. I miss writings codes and I think it could be a good refresher for me. Plus, I am kinda bored with my current theme. For now, I want to get a fresh, light-colored theme.

But before I do that, I have to update my links and other pages. I found out that some of them are broken and it might be useless for me or for someone visiting my little place. So have to clean it first before getting a new theme.

Before I say ciao for now, I encourage everyone to pray for the citizens of Japan. Earlier today, an 8.9 magnitude hit northern Japan and then followed by a massive tsunami in the province of Sendai. Tsunami warnings are also up in neighboring countries, including the Philippines. I have some friends in Japan right now, so I hope they are okay. Japan needs our prayer and support right now.

And that's it for now. Ciao!

Morning Shift, Night Shift.

Today is another day for me, and today is the start of another shift at work. Morning shift. Yes. My favorite.
I am looking forward to sleeping early at and waking up early in the morning. I am excited to see the blue sky (or gray sky). I am excited to see my other officemates. Morning shift is just the best shift.

Of course, I will miss night shift too. I will not be able to see my "forever GY" co-workers and of course, I will miss the night differential payment which is quite important especially in this time of economic crisis.

To my morning shift officemates, see you later! And to my night shift officemates, see you after 2 weeks!

Sunday Classics- Sweet Soul Revue

Happy March, everyone! If you notice, I barely had a post for February. I was so busy with all that's happened to me, I even forgot to have my monthly COTM!

Anyway, our classic for this Sunday is probably my very first taste of J-Pop. Enjoy Pizzicato Five's hit song, Sweet Soul Revue.