Facbook Problem

It's been 2 days in a row na hindi namin ma-access ang Facebook dito sa bahay. All sites are working fine except this site. At first we thought it was Chrome and Firefox, so we cleared all the cookies and caches and then tried to log in. But it's still the same, hindi pa rin magamit! Then it started na magkaroon ng signal problems ang brother ko 'cause he's a Smart subscriber. He can't send texts and receive any, and some time last night all all the messages he's supposed to receive yesterday afternoon came in, 24 messages at once. So we really thought it was SmartBro's problem and just hoped that tomorrow, everything will be fine again.

So as of this moment, everything should be working well and I wouldn't have to post this angry rant of mine about Facebook and SmartBro. Sadly, we still have the same problem. Cleared all cookies and caches, and even used proxy sites to access it (a desperate move from me) and voila! No Facebook for me, for my brothers and for our entire household. It sucks knowing that you can't play Backyard Monsters and Castle Age. I don't know if Smart really is the problem because all the sites are loading well- Twitter, Google, my blog. Then I tried looking at Google if I have the same problem and found out that it's not just me  having the same problem.

Well, let's just hope that this would be fixed soon.

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