"Talaga? Kayo? Panu nangyari yun?" Those were the reactions I've heard from our close friends.  True, kahit kaming dalawa hindi makapaniwala. It's been just a couple of months since we entered this relationship, though we've known each other for almost a decade now.

She was my school mate and a fellow CAT officer back in highschool. She was my first real girl crush (as Gillian Anderson's my imaginary girlfriend at that time hehe). She was my first love. Sa 16 years na nabuhay ako sa mundo bilang tibo, yun ang unang pagkakataong nagkagusto ako ng todo sa isang babae. And though she had boyfriends then, I know she's also attracted to girls. Until there's a time na nag-away kami at hindi kami nag-usap ng buong 4th year dahil sa sobrang selos ko nang maging sila ng isa kong kaibigang tibo din. I tried to divert my attention to other activities and I've had some other crushes during that time. Today, whenever we recall it, she always always jokingly tells me na ako ang panira ng 4th year nya.

We both came from long term relationships. She had a girlfriend for  7 years as I had a girlfriend for 6 years. You may think masyadong mabilis ang pangyayari, na baka rebound stage lang kami. We are happy and we really want to make our relationship work. We both have no ill-feelings for our exes nor do we want them back in any way. Personally, I have fallen deeply in love with her and she as well has fallen for me.We look forward to more weeks and months and years ahead... Of course, together.

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