Eyeglasses with Style

In this era of technology, we cannot help but spend our time in front of our computers, mobile phones, and tablets. And this would harm our eyes. Although companies today provide gadgets that are safe for our eyes, we cannot be sure how safe it is. And based on my observations, more people are wearing eyeglasses today to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of computers and other electronic gadgets.

I have a friend that wears glasses. Because his work focuses on computers, he is forced to wear one because he found out he has astigmatism. And because he also has a sense of fashion, he wears trendy eyewear! He told me he didn't like wearing glasses but he had no choice, so instead he had his eyeglass frame changed to atleast match his everyday outfit whenever he's in or out of the office.

Well, I can say vintage glasses today are becoming a hit, along with the fact that vintage fashion today is now a hit among our younger generation. More optical shops provide frames for your eyeglass with a wide range of colrs andesigns to choose from. And why not? You now have protection for your eyes in a trendy way!

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