So I'm planning get a tattoo. Matagal ko na itong pinag-iisipan (super tagal na, aktibista pa ako noon), considering situations and weighing all the possible consequnces. But now, I've decided to get inked. Hindi dahil sa sinugsugan ako or nainggit ako. Pansarili ko itong kagustuhan. :-)

Money is not a problem for this very big project. I could save a few thousand pesos every pay day until I have enough. In fact, I already have savings I could go to a decent tattoo shop and get one today. Problema nga lang, hindi pa ako nakakapagdesisyon kung anu ipapa-tattoo ko.

Marami akong naiisip ipa-tattoo. Whenever I see a nice design, I would say "I want that on my skin!". But I also want a custom tattoo, the one that's designed my me, of course. I want a tattoo that symbolizes pride on my sexuality. Sometimes, I think about getting an Ultraman tattoo (my boyfriend haha). So far, I only want either one of the following:

So my question is, which is which? Hmm...

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