April 28, 2011


Grabe ang init ngayon. Metro Manila just reached a record high of 36 degrees Celsius last Tuesday, it was one hell of a day! Seriously, it was hell. I suffered from severe headache that day and good thing hindi ako na-heatsroke

Summer has officially started. Officially. And this means swimming, cold drinks, halo-halo, turning on the aircon, and wearing summer clothes. It is the time of the year where kids and teens have no classes which is a super yes to me because there's no heavy traffic. It is also the time of the year where different types of shops offer summer promos- like discounts from their products, buy one-take one promos, etc.

Summer is the time when people flock to the beach

Summer is also the time when people flock to the beach to enjoy the waters and just simply "feel the summer ". While for others don't mind going to a beach resort full of vacationers and sun bathers, some people don't like to go swimming during these times because the water might be dirty. Well, they have a point. You really don't know what the swimmers out there were doing. It might be you are swimming on this particular part of the beach while beside you, a group of teens might be urinating in the water, and you are unaware of it. And there are others out there that might be doing "bad" while they're at the water.

When planning to go to the beach, try to set it in a day where there are little beachgoers. Here in the Philippines, Black Saturday or "Sabado de Gloria" is the day where I think almost all Filipinos go the beach. It is a Filipino tradition during Holy Week, and it is also the peak day and that could mean that our beach is not that clean and safe enough. I think it's better to avoid potential bacterias that could give you diseases,  am I right?