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Conversation 1

Sunday afternoon, May 29, 2011

Me: Ayoko kay Marian. Eeww.

Ate Nieves: Bakit? Siguro type mo si Dingdong.

Me: Nge, kahit di pa sila date ayaw ko na sa kanya. Saka pwede ba ako magkakagusto sa lalake...

Jamie: Tama!

Ate Nieves: Hmmm.... Girlfriend mo si Eva?

Me: Oo.

Ate Nieves: Di nga... Girlfriend mo si Eva?

Me: Oo nga. Bakit?

Jamie: Yes... oh my God, you didn't know ate?

Me: Oh my God, you're so uncool!

*just another lazy Sunday afternoon chat*

Sunday Classics- Bye Bye Boy

After Pizzicato Five, Nanase Aikawa was my second Japanese singer/rocker, and Bye Bye Boy was my second J-Rock ever. I remember it was 1997 when mother bought this cassette tape with J-Pop and dance songs in it ncluding this song. Happy that I found this vid from YouTube. Anyway, here's Nanase Aikawa's song from her 1996 album, Red. Enjoy!


Cousin Rob is always complaining about a bunch of catalogs he receives on his mailbox every week. The free magazines and pamphlets fill out his mailbox outumbering  important mails. Whenever he checks his mailbox, he has to dig deeper and checks the papers one by one to look for the important ones. It was a total waste of time, plus a waste of paper, cousin Rob says.

In the old school world, these free magazines, pamphlets and cataglogs are the original spam mails. They just appear to your mailbox even if you do not subscribe to them. If spam mail annoy you in your e-mail box, think of these papers that pop in your mailbox and how annoying that is.

Well, there are some ways to prevent junk mail and clear your inbox, and one of the easiest and convenient way is by signing up on website to control and reduce the volume of catalogs that you receive. It is convenient and easy, because you don't have to call the companies one by one to remove you from their list. You are the one who wi…


One wish granted!

Remember my wishlist that included Chuck Palahniuk's novel Pygmy? Well my girlfriend just bought one for me as her monthsary surprise! Check this out!

Surprised by the note on the second page. I so love it *teary-eyed*

Thank you for the book. I'm now reading chapter 8 and I'm loving it! I love you. Happy 6 months, baby.

It's Out.

AfterEllen just released this years HOT100 list and I am getting mixed reactions among the readers and the ones voted, including me. A lot of new faces made it to the list, and here's my take on that.

What's up?

Sorry for not giving you some updates lately guys. As you know and it always happen to me, I was sick again, and this is was the second time. I had this terrible terrible sore throat and before I know, here comes the common cold and then come the cough. But not to worry now, I am feeling fine and now back to work.

So what happened these past weeks? Well, I attended the wedding of my officemate Allan. It was amazing and I'm happy for them. I hope they're enjoying their honeymoon!


Happy Mother's Day to my 5 mothers! Celebration ito yehey!


Colors make me happy when I am sad. When my day sucks or when I had a bald luck; Just one look at them and then I'm glad.


A salute to all workers this Labor Day!