Cousin Rob is always complaining about a bunch of catalogs he receives on his mailbox every week. The free magazines and pamphlets fill out his mailbox outumbering  important mails. Whenever he checks his mailbox, he has to dig deeper and checks the papers one by one to look for the important ones. It was a total waste of time, plus a waste of paper, cousin Rob says.

In the old school world, these free magazines, pamphlets and cataglogs are the original spam mails. They just appear to your mailbox even if you do not subscribe to them. If spam mail annoy you in your e-mail box, think of these papers that pop in your mailbox and how annoying that is.

Well, there are some ways to prevent junk mail and clear your inbox, and one of the easiest and convenient way is by signing up on website to control and reduce the volume of catalogs that you receive. It is convenient and easy, because you don't have to call the companies one by one to remove you from their list. You are the one who will choose and control these junk mails coming to you.
By using this programs, you also save trees and the environment by reducing the volume of papers used to print these catalogs, thus, also reducing the garbage you produce.

Isn't it great? You don't have to worry about those bunch of spam mails you get, you are also eco-friendly. I guess I will tell cousin Rob about this great program 'cause maybe that would his junk mail problems.

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