May 21, 2011

What's up?

Sorry for not giving you some updates lately guys. As you know and it always happen to me, I was sick again, and this is was the second time. I had this terrible terrible sore throat and before I know, here comes the common cold and then come the cough. But not to worry now, I am feeling fine and now back to work.

So what happened these past weeks? Well, I attended the wedding of my officemate Allan. It was amazing and I'm happy for them. I hope they're enjoying their honeymoon!

And yeah, today is May 21, the supposed to be doomsday, end of the world. No offense, but I think the people that predicted this were ridiculous. I believe that every single thing, living or non-living in this world has its own ending, even Earth. But as stated in the Bible, there are signs of the coming judgment day, but no one knows the exact date and time of this event. Even the angels and Mr. JC (Jesus Christ) has no idea when this will happen. You know somehow I also thank these guys for reminding us to reflect on our sins and renew ourselves spiritually. But please don't tell  when and what time judgment day will come because only God above has the power to end all things on Earth.

Finally, I want to share with you one of my favorite episodes for Parks and Recreation. Weee, love Amy Poehler!