A Perfect Holiday Gift

One of my girlfriend's hobby is getting manicure pedicure for her nails. She loves changing nail polish colors and every couple of weeks, I always see her wearing differnent colors and designs on her finger and toenails. Sometimes, I accompany her to a local parlor to to have her nails done. She loves doing this as she finds it relaxing to do. So this Christmas, I am thinking of a good gift for her.

I am thinking of giving her a treat to a foot spa or massage which I'm sure she'll love. She's been working hard, I want to give her something she can emjpy and relax. How about a vacation? We could go to a nearby resort or go out of town for a couple of days just to relax and spend more time with each other. I has always been an option, and it would be perfect, but given the nature of her work, I'm pretty sure it will be an option.

Or, how about a set of nail polish? I saw a great Julep Maven offer and I am thinking of getting one. The box contains nail polish, hand scrub and hand cream. I am pretty sure she will love this!

Do you have any other suggestions for me? If you do have one, don't hesitate to give me a note!

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