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Less than a week to go and Christmas is here! I don't celebrate Christmas actually- religious aspects, no. But come on- the air is light and very nice every time this holiday kicks in. Lots of lights and decorations, and shopping sales everywhere- the best you can get every December. Christmas party for our team is getting closer, and I still haven't bought any gift. Good thing the wishlist I got was easy to buy, Planning to get it by Saturday.

December is a pretty good month for me. For he second time I'm getting good scores at work, and I felt really good about it. As long as I continue to apply what my Supervisor advised me, I think everything will be in place.

And remember when I told you I am planning to bring back my Crush of the Month series? Yep, I'm planning to start it by next year for January. I already have some in mind, but I still need to filter them hehehe. And yes, my blog's 6th year will be this 27th. I'm so happy to have reached this year, alt…

Missing You

November has been quite a good month for some of YG's artists. First it was Taeyang who made his comeback with single 'Ringa Linga', then T.O.P. 's comeback with Doom Dada. Not more than 24 hours ago, 2NE1 released another single 'Missing You' that made an all-kill on all Korean music charts a few hours after its release.

Unlike their previous released singles, Missing You is of a Pop-Ballad genre. Slow, and has the winter feel. And unlike from their previous singles which were all about girl empowerment, Missing You is the opposite- a sorrowful ballad, heartbreaking song accompanied with the members' soulful vocals. Honestly, I cannot make a good review for the song, listening to it didn't made me cry but gave me an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I must say that every individual had their own shining moments in the song and in the music video, Minzy's mirror scene,  Dara's red chair scene, Chaerin's nude scene, and Bom's piano room s…

Desktop Hacking

It's Veteran's Day in the US, that means no work for me. So while killing time, I customized my desktop. This is the unfinished version, planning to tweak it, maybe later on? Hehe. What do you think?


My first post for the month! Less than 60 days to go before Christmas and New Year. I'm sure everyone's excited for it, but not me. Joke! Of course I am excited for the holidays! I don't celebrate Christmas though, but admit it, we get happy feelings and good vibes during these times, right? The Christmas lights and celebrations, Noche Buena and Media Noche (for New Year), they're all happy events. For a working girl like me, the most exciting part is the 13th month pay- Christmas bonus! Oh yeah! This is the most awaited time for me and my colleagues at work!

Got It

Almost a month ago, I made a purchase on eBay on an item that I got interested at. It's been years since my last purchase (which mostly are Ultraman items by the way), and it's nice that I still remember by log in information. The seller of the item, from Korea uses standard shipping and it's free. Well I added a couple of dollars for the tracking number. The 3rd week of October should be the arrival of the item to my place. However I got worried that it might fail to deliver and that it will go back to Korea. On my previous purchasing experiences, the local post office sends a notice in which you will use to claim the package at their office. In this case, there are no notices given to me so I got worried. I went to the post office not to claim, but only to verify if the package arrived. Luckily I was able to get the package that time.

On Writer's Block

I used to write for  our student paper back in college days. Well up to now, I still write. Whenever I have time off from work I do freelance copy writing and proofreading and somehow earned me enough (to buy toys online). Or when I don't have freelance offers, I wear my anonymous mask and write fanfictions and post them which by the way gave me a handful of subscribers and fans. I love writing. When I'm happy, I write. Even when I'm stressed, I write. For me writing, aside from watching movies is one way I can let out all my frustrations and and dramas happening in my life.

But not all the time a topic or a story just pops up on my mind, and not all the time I can finish a 10-chapter story in a snap. I, as well as other writers also experience what they call writer's block. The first time this happened to me was in college. I was taking up pre-law and one time our professor asked us to do a research paper about labor law. I've been willing to do the paper- I had t…

Of Work, Fandom, and Blogging.

Mid-October! My birthday has passed, I can't believe I am now 28! Earlier today someone asked me if I can participate on a survey. When she askd me about my age, I almost told her I'm 27. Lol! Getting used this age and gah, I'm getting old!

Work has been as usual, sucky. But good thing I was able to reach te goal last month! Good job for me, I have to work harder this month- yay! And of course, Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, means big bonuses and company treats! This is the best part of working actually hahaha.

Of coursse for Blackjacks like me, this month is like the loneliest month ever. Why? It's the time when YG's supposed to be releasing 2NE1's come back album but a big possibilty that it won't be released. Even the 3rd single supposed to be last month didn't materialize. YG's such a troll, but I can't blame him. He got lots of artists to debut at the end of this month. It's just that he shouldn't have announced it before a…


A few more days and I'm getting older. Time flies so fast and a few years more I'll be thirty. I have no plans for my upcoming day- I have work, I'm not going home to my family, it's just the same old day. If there would be an event, that would be a special one, and that would be spending it with my girlfriend. But of course, I'm also thinking of treats that I can give for myself... a new phone? Pair of shoes? A watch? Well, let's just see.


So I got some time to write down today with some updates of what I'm up into. Not much, if I have to tell you from the beginning of this year this post will take up to 2 to 3 pages. But let's just summarize it.

So you ready? Here we go!


Today is favorite month! And with this one, I am excited to hear 2NE1's latest single. Of course, it's start of my birthday countdown kkk. Don't have any plans yet, but we'll see. We'll see.

Anyway, got no work today since it's US Labor Day, so I'm planning to spend the next days in Tagaytay with my girlfriend. Sounds nice, right? I hope I can keep up with this blog posting, aside from work, I'm also busy with writing jobs
, already got lots of stacked tasks I feel like I'll be having a massive writer's block anytime. To start the month of September, here's a video song from BigBang's Seungri!


Just recently I've read some articles about "how pathetic" 2NE1 is to control K-Pop charts, making their new single "Do You Love Me" be on the top spot. Most of these fans involved were Crayon Pop fans- no offense but I don't know what their fandom is called. This started this week, when my Queens won the MCountdown voting against CP, then news of 2NE1's Korean gallery site has been bashed and vandalized by these obsessive fans.

Two cents- why waste your time bashing other fandoms instead of just minding your own? am a Blackjack but I don't participate in those hate activities though I have to admit there's so much hate within my own fandom too. Do You Love Me and Bar Bar Bar are both amazing songs in their own genre. DYLM has the party rhythm while the other BBB has the dance-craze aura, just like Psy's Gangnam Style. They have different charisma. Check out both videos, and share your two cents as well:


It's August everyone! Months go so fast and before we know it, it will Christmas and New Year! I had a good time and enjoyed my semi vacation and roadtrips last month though it affected my monthly score card at work (technically because I was not able go to work for a number of days). This month, I started quite good on my monthly stat this month, hopefully I can keep it up and improve so that I can reach the goal before this month ends.

So to start of this month, I am waiting for 2NE1's Do You Love Me single and music video which will be released today (excited). My lovely grandma is already here in the country for good, which means that I would have to make 6-hour bus rides to visit her often. I also bought a new phone and moved to a new place which was the reason why I've been busy lately. I still have a lot of things to do and to arrange my stuffs and... Well, I am really rooting for a fun August for me ^___^

I Started the Month of July with a Bang

2NE1 is back, just like my grandma who's also back in the country. Ah, these ladies are the truth.

I'm Falling in Love

What a great news to start the month of July!!!
It is officially confirmed, 2NE1's release of their new single will be on July 8th. I still can't believe this is happening! Soooo happy and excited! *cries

Work Frustrations

Gah, I have to wait for more days before I finally head to my vacation! With all that's happening right now, I really feel like I need to get out of this bustling city and breathe some fresh air. If only I could fast forward the days and times. But what can I do? Worst, my Supervisor was not able to plot the vacation I that was removed from my schedule, and I had to make a deal with our big boss to have it re-plotted back. That is so unfair, I already plotted that months ago, and our Work force team removed it because it's 4th of July- meaning holiday for us. Our rest for that week was split from Saturday-Sunday to Thursday-Sunday. The thing is, they didn't put it back on the Saturday shift and I was so angry because:

First of all, it was already plotted and any leaves removed should be re-plotted on the next working day.

Second, I've waited for months to have that leave put on my schedule, and they should have sent notices that any plotted vacation for that date will …

Two Things

It's been a month since I visited my blog. And my last post was about my unending love for Mingkki! Been busy with 2 things, actually- one is work-related and two is of course, spazzing and worshiping my lovely fearsome foursome.

Let's check on the first reason. Well, as usual there has been a team realignment in my department. I got separated from my old team which made me sad of course. But what can I do, change is the only permanent thing in this world. A month later with my new team, everything is going okay, and I'm beginning to like them. My former teammates though are asking if I still want to go back , I just told them I'm okay with my current team and will try to observe for more months kekeke...

Interest Check

I've been lacking interest in my work lately. It feels like I am doing the same routine for the past year. The work is easy, but I feel like I need to do other things, except for the usual work-home-work-home routine I am doing. Last Tuesday, I accidentally dismissed a conversation with a customer twice! I immediately reported it to my Coach and he told me that it will be a verbal warning because it's the first time this happened to me. But the thing is I am worried if one of the higher bosses will pull out and audit the conversation and find about this, I think I will be doomed. I don't know what came to me that time, I really did not intend to dismiss it. Hayzt.

I think all I need is a vacation right now.

Crush of the Month- April 2013

It's the time of the month again, where I spazz about all the ladies and women that are currently in possession of my heart and attention- lol, ha ha ha. Anyway, it's our April 2013 Crush of the Month! Yay!!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice my previous posts about the K-Pop girl group 2NE1, that is probably the best K-Pop group ever. To be honest, I only love K-Pop because of these girls and I only listen to their songs. Well, the other groups are also does good songs and perform well, but then, when 2NE1 comes on stage, there is a different aura that sets the audience on fire. Admit it or not, they are awesome- they have very good powerful vocals and at the same
badass dance moves. But...

So it's Sunday

I just got back from work. It's a boring Sunday and thankfully I'm not yet sleepy because if I am, then I would not be typing this post right now. Currently waiting for Parks and Rec season 4 to finish downloading and boy, I am so excited! Also, my girlfriend downloaded some movies to watch during my rest day. Ah, thank you so much to those folks who invented torrent, you guys are genius!

Meet Up

Yesterday, I had a mini reunion with my former co workers/friends. It was good seeing them again and we got to share updates, and gossips as well (haha). One of them, Ate Joy is travelling to Indonesia, so we made an arrangement to meet up with Belle, our other friend and accompany her to the airport. I haven't seem them in months and it's good to know that they're both doing well in their new job.
We hope to have a bigger meet up with our other mates once Ate Joy gets back from her trip!

Today, just...

Happy Hearts Day! Spread the love!

Out of Town

Hello. I would like to share with you my recent adventure with my girlfriend last week. Last January 26-27 I treated her to a post-monthsary treat at Pansol, Laguna. We had an overnight stay where we relaxed, and just enjoyed the moment. This is actually our first out of town plan. Most of our out of town plans never materialized, haha. Anyway, I'd like to share some of the photos that I got, from my trusty entry-level Android phone.


Here I go! I have managed to upload pictures from my Ilocos Norte trip. I was not able to take a lot of it, since I am only using my trusty phone, and was on its "low-battery" status. Photos taken were on a gloomy, rainy Saturday morning, but that didn't stop me and my friends from walking along the beach and taking a look at the beautiful sight of the place.

I consider this as my most memorable trip this year, as this was considered a mini-reunion with my old buddies back when I was still residing in La Union. Even though we're not complete (some of us are already working abroad), I was happy that I to meet and chat with them. It's been 5 years since we last saw each other, and I was glad I was able to set aside a good schedule for this trip.


I just can't upload and post my photos simply because I don't have my memory card with me!!! I left it at my brother's house. Worst thing is, the SD card adapter that I have sucks my notebook can't detect it!! Now I'm stuck. *fail

Picking up where I left off.

So here it is my second post for this year. I have so many plans in mind, so many stories to tell and share. But of course, I will have to tackle them one by one. Just started yesterday, I had updated all my online article writing accounts. I realized that they should be my priority if I want to keep posting and earning. I admit I really got good earnings doing this about 2 years ago, and it's time that I resume this task. Besides, I really need this if I want to expand my Ultraman toys! So once I settle my account updates, I can start writing!