Crush of the Month- April 2013

It's the time of the month again, where I spazz about all the ladies and women that are currently in possession of my heart and attention- lol, ha ha ha. Anyway, it's our April 2013 Crush of the Month! Yay!!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice my previous posts about the K-Pop girl group 2NE1, that is probably the best K-Pop group ever. To be honest, I only love K-Pop because of these girls and I only listen to their songs. Well, the other groups are also does good songs and perform well, but then, when 2NE1 comes on stage, there is a different aura that sets the audience on fire. Admit it or not, they are awesome- they have very good powerful vocals and at the same
badass dance moves. But...

I am not posting about 2NE1 as my crush for this month. I am writing this post for a specific 2NE1 member that really caught my eye- the name is Gong Minji or better known in the group and their fans as Minzy.

Minzy, is also known as "EroMinzy" to her fans. She's the group's youngest member, only turned 20 this year (which is considered the legal age in Korea). Though she's the youngest, she's also the group's main dancer. She was actually recruited to YG (the group's label company) after a video of her dancing was uploaded on the company's website by an anonymous fan. Showing her badass and sexy dance moves in every concerts they held earned her the "EroMinzy" title. Note that she is aware of this title and she actually like it. Aside from her dancing skills, she also a rapper for the group. And of course her singing voice is superb. Though she has a husky voice, her vocals is very smooth and constantly improving during the past 4 years. Note that Minzy was tone deaf when she was recruited and cannot sing a tune. It's amazing that she was able to overcome  it.

During the past couple of years as a group, a local TV station aired 2NE1 TV, a reality show documenting the girls' life and activities on and off stage. It became a hit that it was aired worldwide, making the girls even more popular. The show already ended with season 3 (but still hoping for a 4th season). Watching the show revealed more of Minzy's character. At her young age, she thinks very mature- which is acknowledged by her group mates  She's a sweet and caring lady and at some times her playfulness comes out which can be seen in some of the episodes. She is sometimes bullied by one of the members,Park Bom but at the same time also bullies her back or the other members. She stated that she not good in doing the "aegyo" (Korean term for acting cute), but she does not need to do it- she is already cute. She has different hobbies- knitting, cooking, caring for her plants and her poodle Dougie, and collects Gundam toys. Even her own Gundam design was featured and presented at a prestigious Gundam convention in Japan. She loves to draw, she has her own studio in their apartment where she creates music using her Macbook and a keyboard she termed as her "Garage Band". Lately, she has been giving attention to fashion, and as seen from their previous performances and on her Twitter account, she posted pictures of jackets which she personally designed and worn. One of the Minzy moments I like is her different hair color and style which always looked good on her- from full bangs to side bangs, from Orange colored to Purple to Prussian blue hair. Another activity Minzy likes is posting her selcas (self-captured) photos on her Twitter account. Almost everyday she keeps her fans updated with her photos which are nice, to the point that her fans compiled her selca photos and made it into collages. Her recent selca she posted was taken backstage during Psy's Happening concert. Minzy also stated she loves reading books and movies. She updates her fans on her favorite books.She is also a proud fan of the movie Leon The Professional, and stated she watched it dozens of times and admitted that the movie always make her cry every time she watches it.

But despite of her busy schedule and activities in and out of Korea, there is one thing that Minzy never forgets- and that is her spiritual life. She is very vocal of her faith. In one of her fan interactions in Twitter, she told one fan that she attends a local Christian church in Korea, and occassionally posts photos of her with some family and friends after church service. Last Christmas, she sang a cover from Hillsong United, Hosanna and presented it as a Christmas gift to her fans. The cover was greatly praised by netizens for her powerful voice and acknowledged her for her strong Christian faith.

I personally want to thank that anonymous fan for uploading that video to YG website. If not for that video, there would be no Minzy today that we like. Her fans also called Minjas love this young lady for her down to earth attitude and very positive outlook in life. I am a 2NE1 fan, a Blackjack- but at the same time I can also say that I am a proud Minja as well, because I am Minjified.

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