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Work Frustrations

Gah, I have to wait for more days before I finally head to my vacation! With all that's happening right now, I really feel like I need to get out of this bustling city and breathe some fresh air. If only I could fast forward the days and times. But what can I do? Worst, my Supervisor was not able to plot the vacation I that was removed from my schedule, and I had to make a deal with our big boss to have it re-plotted back. That is so unfair, I already plotted that months ago, and our Work force team removed it because it's 4th of July- meaning holiday for us. Our rest for that week was split from Saturday-Sunday to Thursday-Sunday. The thing is, they didn't put it back on the Saturday shift and I was so angry because:

First of all, it was already plotted and any leaves removed should be re-plotted on the next working day.

Second, I've waited for months to have that leave put on my schedule, and they should have sent notices that any plotted vacation for that date will …

Two Things

It's been a month since I visited my blog. And my last post was about my unending love for Mingkki! Been busy with 2 things, actually- one is work-related and two is of course, spazzing and worshiping my lovely fearsome foursome.

Let's check on the first reason. Well, as usual there has been a team realignment in my department. I got separated from my old team which made me sad of course. But what can I do, change is the only permanent thing in this world. A month later with my new team, everything is going okay, and I'm beginning to like them. My former teammates though are asking if I still want to go back , I just told them I'm okay with my current team and will try to observe for more months kekeke...