Two Things

It's been a month since I visited my blog. And my last post was about my unending love for Mingkki! Been busy with 2 things, actually- one is work-related and two is of course, spazzing and worshiping my lovely fearsome foursome.

Let's check on the first reason. Well, as usual there has been a team realignment in my department. I got separated from my old team which made me sad of course. But what can I do, change is the only permanent thing in this world. A month later with my new team, everything is going okay, and I'm beginning to like them. My former teammates though are asking if I still want to go back , I just told them I'm okay with my current team and will try to observe for more months kekeke...

My new team leader is cool. When it comes to work, you work. You do your job. You follow the rules. You reach your goals. You contribute for the team. When outside work, he's a joker, funny guy. My first month with the new team was a big pressure to me, as I was not able to reach my goal, and worse, even got a low rating from my Quality people. I was so depressed at that time. My rating has been its highest- perfect 3 since I started from our department, and last month I just got 2.25. So embarrassing, it tainted my overall scorecard. Our team goal is to be one of the top teams, and I felt like I failed them, especially myself. Good news is, when the final scores for May came out, we were not the lowest. We're not the highest though (haha). Our team leader told us that we should not be contented that we're in the middle. It's either we go up or go down this June, and it will be up to us. So for this month I am gearing up myself to get my score back to 3. With the training I had this week, I am confident to get to work again! ^_^

FOR THE SECOND ONE- My fondness with Minzy and 2NE1. Seriously, am I the only gay girl that's in love with these girls?! Awesome, awesome, awesome girls! Lately, CL released her solo single, girls became official endorsers for Chrome Hearts and Shinsegae and rocked the stage at almost university festivals in Korea. Latest is of course, news of their much-awaited comeback! The girls updating all their SNS accounts except for- well, Mingkki. Where is she anyway? It's been 2, 3 weeks since her last Twitter update. No tweet when CL's single was released, no tweet when she was at the Chrome Hearts party (though there were photos of her posted on the other girls' accounts). I've been overly stalking her Twitter recently, because basically I am Minzy deprived. Of course, all idols have their right to privacy so I am keeping up some reasons- like Minzy having quality time with her family, Minzy on vacation, or Minzy being busy with their comeback. Whatever the reason is, I just hope she's fine. I miss her selcas though. T_T

Sooo if I am not updating this blog in the next weeks, or months, it's either I am totally busy with 2 things, okay?

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