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Just recently I've read some articles about "how pathetic" 2NE1 is to control K-Pop charts, making their new single "Do You Love Me" be on the top spot. Most of these fans involved were Crayon Pop fans- no offense but I don't know what their fandom is called. This started this week, when my Queens won the MCountdown voting against CP, then news of 2NE1's Korean gallery site has been bashed and vandalized by these obsessive fans.

Two cents- why waste your time bashing other fandoms instead of just minding your own? am a Blackjack but I don't participate in those hate activities though I have to admit there's so much hate within my own fandom too. Do You Love Me and Bar Bar Bar are both amazing songs in their own genre. DYLM has the party rhythm while the other BBB has the dance-craze aura, just like Psy's Gangnam Style. They have different charisma. Check out both videos, and share your two cents as well:


It's August everyone! Months go so fast and before we know it, it will Christmas and New Year! I had a good time and enjoyed my semi vacation and roadtrips last month though it affected my monthly score card at work (technically because I was not able go to work for a number of days). This month, I started quite good on my monthly stat this month, hopefully I can keep it up and improve so that I can reach the goal before this month ends.

So to start of this month, I am waiting for 2NE1's Do You Love Me single and music video which will be released today (excited). My lovely grandma is already here in the country for good, which means that I would have to make 6-hour bus rides to visit her often. I also bought a new phone and moved to a new place which was the reason why I've been busy lately. I still have a lot of things to do and to arrange my stuffs and... Well, I am really rooting for a fun August for me ^___^