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A few more days and I'm getting older. Time flies so fast and a few years more I'll be thirty. I have no plans for my upcoming day- I have work, I'm not going home to my family, it's just the same old day. If there would be an event, that would be a special one, and that would be spending it with my girlfriend. But of course, I'm also thinking of treats that I can give for myself... a new phone? Pair of shoes? A watch? Well, let's just see.


So I got some time to write down today with some updates of what I'm up into. Not much, if I have to tell you from the beginning of this year this post will take up to 2 to 3 pages. But let's just summarize it.

So you ready? Here we go!


Today is favorite month! And with this one, I am excited to hear 2NE1's latest single. Of course, it's start of my birthday countdown kkk. Don't have any plans yet, but we'll see. We'll see.

Anyway, got no work today since it's US Labor Day, so I'm planning to spend the next days in Tagaytay with my girlfriend. Sounds nice, right? I hope I can keep up with this blog posting, aside from work, I'm also busy with writing jobs
, already got lots of stacked tasks I feel like I'll be having a massive writer's block anytime. To start the month of September, here's a video song from BigBang's Seungri!