So I got some time to write down today with some updates of what I'm up into. Not much, if I have to tell you from the beginning of this year this post will take up to 2 to 3 pages. But let's just summarize it.

So you ready? Here we go!

Got a handful of movies that I've watched this year. I would love to give them reviews one by one but I don't have time though hehe. But one of these movies I've seen is of course, the infamous The Conjuring which has been the talk of the internet during the 2nd-3rd quarter of this year. Being a horror-suspense movie lover I watched this movie, and I can say that it is fine. Not that scary though contrary to what others have said. It's a supernatural themed horror, and of course there are spine chilling scenes that really will make jump from your seats. Overall it's a good movie to watch. Would give it an A-rating.

Another one- The Purge. This was my most awaited movie of the year, not because it's a suspense-thriller, but because my lovely woman Lena Headey is one of the main character, opposite Ethan Hawke. Wow, Queen Cersei's getting more Hollywood roles these days, thanks to Game of Thrones. But I'm really rooting for a third season of TSCC, and I think Lena needs to reprise her role. Another movie with Lena Headey that I've seen recently- The Mortal Instruments- to be honest, I don't know if there's a sequel to this one, as I think that it's based from a novel. Am I right? So if it's from a book, then most likely there is a sequel. That's the trend these past years.

After Earth is also a good movie to watch. The storyline is set to the future, after humans have abandoned Earth. Sci-Fi is not my type but After Earth is one of the few films of this theme that I like. And oh, Hansel and Gretel is a nice movie as well. Children's stories are made into films these days with a different plot.

Of course, since for the last months, I've been listening to K-Pop a lot, especially 2NE1 songs. I've been a fan for the past years, and had some of the songs on my MP3 player, but this time my 2NE1 feels had become much much stronger that I've downloaded all of the songs- from their first mini album up to their latest singles. Their comeback song Falling in Love has become my favorite song and Do You Love Me is the official party anthem of my life right now. In addition, Seungri's Gotta Talk to U and Lee Ha Yi's 1234 are very upbeat, well-made songs that energizes me throughout the day.

Non K-Pop related, I've also been listening to Lil Wayne and my old favorite Westlife lately. 

Work- the frustrating part of my life right now. Everything's not doing well at the office. That's all I have to say.

Good thing is, even though I'm stressed at work right now, I'm enjoying writing as of the moment. I've been working on an article right now- not mine, it's a side job I got, sort of a thesis- term paper like. Currently on proofreading mode. Aside from the fact that I'm being paid to do this, writing is my passion and it feels good to do some writing after a while. After this I'm planning to get more jobs of this type he he he.

Love- oh well, it's complicated. I can say that my 2 years with her we've been through hard situations, on and off status, but we're still together. Recently we had a big fight but decided to give this one last shot. So far everything is doing good. Love is indeed stressful aside from work.

Of course! Fangirling is one of the most important part of my life right now, aside from love! Been participating on some projects lately and interacting with fellow Blackjacks and it's fun!

Other stuff
Aside from work, this year my grandma already decided to stay home and not going back to the US. It must be hard for her because I know she misses her life and friends abroad, but I know she will get used to it. She's already old. Well I've been trying to contact her but she's not replying. When I asked mom, she said my grandma's phone was not charged so she can't read my messages. Lol. Grandma must be busy watching movies all day. 

Recently, I went to Tagaytay with my girlfriend over the weekend. It was fun and very relaxing. We hope to go back again if we have time to chill and have some time together.

Sooo, it's quite a long update eh? Planning to do this everytime I am not able to post, just so you know.

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