October 23, 2013

On Writer's Block

I used to write for  our student paper back in college days. Well up to now, I still write. Whenever I have time off from work I do freelance copy writing and proofreading and somehow earned me enough (to buy toys online). Or when I don't have freelance offers, I wear my anonymous mask and write fanfictions and post them which by the way gave me a handful of subscribers and fans. I love writing. When I'm happy, I write. Even when I'm stressed, I write. For me writing, aside from watching movies is one way I can let out all my frustrations and and dramas happening in my life.

But not all the time a topic or a story just pops up on my mind, and not all the time I can finish a 10-chapter story in a snap. I, as well as other writers also experience what they call writer's block. The first time this happened to me was in college. I was taking up pre-law and one time our professor asked us to do a research paper about labor law. I've been willing to do the paper- I had the library to make my research on (the college library and city library) and to think our campus was just beside our local labor office, I can just go interview some people for additional information. But man, the biggest problem I had that time is how to start it- complete writer's block! One night I began searching for samples of the same topic on the internet when I stumbled upon a site that offers pay for an essay service. No joke! I checked the website and contacted their support team for inquiries (their chat service was easy to use). At that time I have enough funds on my account to place an order so I did it, placed the topic and description including links that can help the writer. Few hours later the writer who was assigned to my paper (let's call her Jane) contacted me to clarify some information. When everything's done, I waited for the finished product. Few days before my professor's deadline I received the paper, reviewed it and boy, I was satisfied with the output, complete and no need for editing! It's worth the money I paid for.

Writer's block never came to me after that. I was able to write some of my research papers on my own. But glad to know in case it goes back, I have a back up plan. That's why I make sure to spend my funds on my account wisely- I don't go online to buy toys, just in case I need to contact this service I have money to use.