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Got It

Almost a month ago, I made a purchase on eBay on an item that I got interested at. It's been years since my last purchase (which mostly are Ultraman items by the way), and it's nice that I still remember by log in information. The seller of the item, from Korea uses standard shipping and it's free. Well I added a couple of dollars for the tracking number. The 3rd week of October should be the arrival of the item to my place. However I got worried that it might fail to deliver and that it will go back to Korea. On my previous purchasing experiences, the local post office sends a notice in which you will use to claim the package at their office. In this case, there are no notices given to me so I got worried. I went to the post office not to claim, but only to verify if the package arrived. Luckily I was able to get the package that time.

On Writer's Block

I used to write for  our student paper back in college days. Well up to now, I still write. Whenever I have time off from work I do freelance copy writing and proofreading and somehow earned me enough (to buy toys online). Or when I don't have freelance offers, I wear my anonymous mask and write fanfictions and post them which by the way gave me a handful of subscribers and fans. I love writing. When I'm happy, I write. Even when I'm stressed, I write. For me writing, aside from watching movies is one way I can let out all my frustrations and and dramas happening in my life.

But not all the time a topic or a story just pops up on my mind, and not all the time I can finish a 10-chapter story in a snap. I, as well as other writers also experience what they call writer's block. The first time this happened to me was in college. I was taking up pre-law and one time our professor asked us to do a research paper about labor law. I've been willing to do the paper- I had t…

Of Work, Fandom, and Blogging.

Mid-October! My birthday has passed, I can't believe I am now 28! Earlier today someone asked me if I can participate on a survey. When she askd me about my age, I almost told her I'm 27. Lol! Getting used this age and gah, I'm getting old!

Work has been as usual, sucky. But good thing I was able to reach te goal last month! Good job for me, I have to work harder this month- yay! And of course, Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, means big bonuses and company treats! This is the best part of working actually hahaha.

Of coursse for Blackjacks like me, this month is like the loneliest month ever. Why? It's the time when YG's supposed to be releasing 2NE1's come back album but a big possibilty that it won't be released. Even the 3rd single supposed to be last month didn't materialize. YG's such a troll, but I can't blame him. He got lots of artists to debut at the end of this month. It's just that he shouldn't have announced it before a…