Got It

 Almost a month ago, I made a purchase on eBay on an item that I got interested at. It's been years since my last purchase (which mostly are Ultraman items by the way), and it's nice that I still remember by log in information. The seller of the item, from Korea uses standard shipping and it's free. Well I added a couple of dollars for the tracking number. The 3rd week of October should be the arrival of the item to my place. However I got worried that it might fail to deliver and that it will go back to Korea. On my previous purchasing experiences, the local post office sends a notice in which you will use to claim the package at their office. In this case, there are no notices given to me so I got worried. I went to the post office not to claim, but only to verify if the package arrived. Luckily I was able to get the package that time.

When I arrived at the office, I asked a lady if she can help me confirm at their records if the item is already with them. I provided her the tracking number and she gladly looked for it. After minutes of scouring on their log book, she asked me if I received a notice, I said no. She informed me then that the post man gave a notice already, but I insisted that I didn't receive anything. That time I thought she would advise to just wait for it to arrive then go back to claim, which was okay for me. She went to another room, and when she returned she held a small box. That was my item. She told me to disregard the notice once it arrives. I paid the fee, thanked her and went home. I was excited to open the box and I was extremely satisfied with the item that I bought.

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