Of Work, Fandom, and Blogging.

Mid-October! My birthday has passed, I can't believe I am now 28! Earlier today someone asked me if I can participate on a survey. When she askd me about my age, I almost told her I'm 27. Lol! Getting used this age and gah, I'm getting old!

Work has been as usual, sucky. But good thing I was able to reach te goal last month! Good job for me, I have to work harder this month- yay! And of course, Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, means big bonuses and company treats! This is the best part of working actually hahaha.

Of coursse for Blackjacks like me, this month is like the loneliest month ever. Why? It's the time when YG's supposed to be releasing 2NE1's come back album but a big possibilty that it won't be released. Even the 3rd single supposed to be last month didn't materialize. YG's such a troll, but I can't blame him. He got lots of artists to debut at the end of this month. It's just that he shouldn't have announced it before and made Blackjacks expect and hope. Fans have been desperately waiting for more than a year, I can't blame them if they leave the fandom. Oh well, let's just see.

Just an hour ago, I learned about Ghost, a newly-launched blogging platform that boasts its simplicity, hassle-free blogging experience. I got intrigued and planned to migrate my current blog to them- cos to be honest, I'm getting bored with Blogger (if Blogger peeps are reading this, you should do an overhaul guys). So I signed up to Ghost only to find out that you have to download the source code and host it on your server for now, since they're still in the works of have the one-click blog set up.

I ended up not downloading the code and decided to just wait for the update. But let's see if this platform will do good. If not, I'll just switch back to Wordpress. But a big no no now for Blogger.

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