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Missing You

November has been quite a good month for some of YG's artists. First it was Taeyang who made his comeback with single 'Ringa Linga', then T.O.P. 's comeback with Doom Dada. Not more than 24 hours ago, 2NE1 released another single 'Missing You' that made an all-kill on all Korean music charts a few hours after its release.

Unlike their previous released singles, Missing You is of a Pop-Ballad genre. Slow, and has the winter feel. And unlike from their previous singles which were all about girl empowerment, Missing You is the opposite- a sorrowful ballad, heartbreaking song accompanied with the members' soulful vocals. Honestly, I cannot make a good review for the song, listening to it didn't made me cry but gave me an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I must say that every individual had their own shining moments in the song and in the music video, Minzy's mirror scene,  Dara's red chair scene, Chaerin's nude scene, and Bom's piano room s…

Desktop Hacking

It's Veteran's Day in the US, that means no work for me. So while killing time, I customized my desktop. This is the unfinished version, planning to tweak it, maybe later on? Hehe. What do you think?


My first post for the month! Less than 60 days to go before Christmas and New Year. I'm sure everyone's excited for it, but not me. Joke! Of course I am excited for the holidays! I don't celebrate Christmas though, but admit it, we get happy feelings and good vibes during these times, right? The Christmas lights and celebrations, Noche Buena and Media Noche (for New Year), they're all happy events. For a working girl like me, the most exciting part is the 13th month pay- Christmas bonus! Oh yeah! This is the most awaited time for me and my colleagues at work!