My first post for the month! Less than 60 days to go before Christmas and New Year. I'm sure everyone's excited for it, but not me. Joke! Of course I am excited for the holidays! I don't celebrate Christmas though, but admit it, we get happy feelings and good vibes during these times, right? The Christmas lights and celebrations, Noche Buena and Media Noche (for New Year), they're all happy events. For a working girl like me, the most exciting part is the 13th month pay- Christmas bonus! Oh yeah! This is the most awaited time for me and my colleagues at work!

Speaking of work, everything's pretty much good. I started the month with sky-high stats, and I'm hoping I could maintain it until the 30th. I can't afford to go lower this time. Our team building will be on the 20th, and I don't know if I should join or not. I already gave some money, and if I don't join, should I have it refunded to me? Or should I just let my team mates use it? Baguio's too far. For a 6 hour trip and then you get to stay 2 days and 1 night, man that is too short. Baguio's got lots of beautiful sites and 2 days 1 night i just not enough. Plus we get to go back, another 6 hours then head straight back to work. That's too tiring.

Anyway, this moth is too awesome to be sad and frustrated, so I'm trying my best to keep things around me positive. A storm is coming up- actually it's a super typhoon and it's already in my country, so be safe everyone!

Lastly, let me share some adorable photos of my favorite 2NE1 pair- Bom and Minzy!

*Like what do you think Bom's looking at? Minzy's....?

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