Less than a week to go and Christmas is here! I don't celebrate Christmas actually- religious aspects, no. But come on- the air is light and very nice every time this holiday kicks in. Lots of lights and decorations, and shopping sales everywhere- the best you can get every December. Christmas party for our team is getting closer, and I still haven't bought any gift. Good thing the wishlist I got was easy to buy, Planning to get it by Saturday.

December is a pretty good month for me. For he second time I'm getting good scores at work, and I felt really good about it. As long as I continue to apply what my Supervisor advised me, I think everything will be in place.

And remember when I told you I am planning to bring back my Crush of the Month series? Yep, I'm planning to start it by next year for January. I already have some in mind, but I still need to filter them hehehe. And yes, my blog's 6th year will be this 27th. I'm so happy to have reached this year, although this past months/years I'm on a semi-major hiatus (occasional postings). I hope that I can continue to update you guys from time to time. My wish- I HOPE BLOGGER CAN HAVE AN ANDROID APP SO THAT I CAN POST WHENEVER AND WHEREVER I WANT. I have a Tumblr blog dedicated to Minzy and I get to update it because I have an app on my phone, but my precious blog? I need to open up my laptop to access it. And to be honest, I only access my laptop during my rest days, most of the time I use my phone, especially during working days where I just jump in bed and browse browse without needing to open my laptop. I think Blogger people need to consider having an Android and iOS app. So yeah.

I will try to make an update again before, during or after Christmas. Hope everyone is well. Signing off for now.

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